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Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

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At Homegrown (Martha Stewart Living Radio Sirius 112), we like to plant our bulbs without much fuss or expense, typically using as few gadgets as possible; we prefer a shovel and pointed trowel.  After choosing the proper location for your bulbs by addressing light and soil issues, dig in with the instrument of your choice.  A rough estimate for the depth of the hole comes from the bulb itself: the hole should be 3 times as deep as the the bulb's length.  So if the bulb is 2" long, the hole should be 6" deep.  Plant the bulb pointy side up in the hole and cover it.  Neither of us fertilize our bulbs in the fall, although it certainly wouldn't hurt to do so.  Instead, we broadcast an organic fertilizer in the spring as the foliage emerges.  Water the area down and look forward to enjoying spring blossoms.

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  • I plant my daffodils in a group of 6 to 12, using a shovel. I only fill the hole have way and then plant on top of them with muscaris, chionodoxa, small alliums or anemone blandas.

  • Is it too late to plant tulips in the Nevada desert? I live in Las Vegas and didn't finish planting the Fall bulbs. Is it possible to plant the bulbs now?

  • Well, it might be a little late, but it never hurts to try. Stick them in the ground and let us know what happens!

  • I didn't get my bulbs planted in the Fall. Can I start them in pots indoors and transfer them outside in the Spring after the snow melts?

  • Andrea-
    Bulbs need a chill period to bloom. You can try planting them in pots and then storing them in a cool, protected area where they will stay frozen for several weeks. Good luck!

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