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Welcome to Living on 112! All of us who work for Martha Stewart Living Radio don't just talk the talk when it comes to doing things the "Martha" way -- our staff is filled with talented people who love to create their own dishes, design their own container or vegetable gardens, decorate and redecorate their home, and so much more. We often sit around the office discussing great guests, and what we learned from them once the microphones were off. Or share with one another things we tried or created on our own that might make good topics for the radio.

Well, that got me thinking -- it's time our little radio family joined the world of modern technology and started blogging! We need a permanent place where we can share recipes, from all the great chefs we meet. A place where you can find all the cocktails our mixologist, Allen Katz, creates. A place where you can see the crafts Hannah Milman, editorial director of Martha Stewart Living, created with Mario Bosquez in the studio, or check out the cake Mario made at home. A place where you can see the new garden bed Betsy Karetnick is currently digging, or get some great fitness tips and motivation from Kim Fernandez. This will also be a place where you, our much-loved listener, can share your own tips and comments about our shows.

Although you are most familiar with our on-air hosts, you will also be hearing from our wonderful radio producers on this blog. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to everyone.


Take a lunch break with our "Everyday Food" team. From left to right: producer Lisa Mantineo, engineer Shavon Meyers, fabulous editor and "Everyday Food" top chef Sandy Gluck, and Betsy's here again (she works hard!).


Learn something new with the "Living Today" team. From left to right: associate producer Lauren Gould, producer Naomi Gabay, host Mario Bosquez, and engineer Chris Hauselt.


I'd also like you to meet our managing editor Jocelyn Santos. Jocelyn has been working for Martha for 10 years and she is quite an expert when it comes to pets. You'll be getting lots of great pet tips from Jocelyn and she'll also pass on information from all our pet experts.

We really hope this blog will be a great companion to your Martha Stewart Living Radio listening experience. Since this is a work in progress, we welcome all suggestions on what you want to see in this blog. And be sure to check back every day -- because you'll always learn something new!

Liz Aiello
General Manager
Martha Stewart Living Radio

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