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Dwarf Peach Tree

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When one of the Homegrown guys is out, the show must go on. Such was the
case for Thursday's show, while Andrew was out on assignment, Tony had a
great co-host in Michele Paladino, who is the owner of Tony's favorite
nursery in Brooklyn, Gowanus Nursery . With their mixed wealth of
knowledge, they really gave listeners some great advice. For instance, one
of our listeners who was looking for information about planting dwarf
peach trees in the ground rather than in a container, which was promptly answered.


Tony told her that he's had much success with putting a dwarf tree
into the ground, and had one of his own in his community garden that
lasted for 14 years before it succumbed to a plant virus recently.  A
couple of places Michele and Tony told the caller to look for quality
dwarf peach trees are listed below:

Edible Landscape - this nursery based in Afton,VA, has a large variety of fruit plants.

Raintree Nursery - Raintree has a massive collection of fruit tree varieties.

Oikos - this nursery is touted for offering harder to find plants and trees.

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  • We planted a dwarf white peach tree in our garden 6 years ago and it is grows very well, considering the bad soil that it is in. This year, it fruited so much that all the branches bent to the ground! They might be dwarf but they are heavy fruiting trees.
    The only problem we had with it is the infestation of fruit flies, but we spray it with an organic spray that helps eliminate some of the pests.
    It's been a white peach cooking frenzy lately because all the fruit just ripens at the same time. The sweet, tree ripened flesh is just amazing and we've made sorrel/peach salad, grilled peaches w/homemade creme fraiche and lots of bellini's!!

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