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UPDATE: The poll closes on Thursday, July 17 at 11:59 PM EST.  On Friday, July 18, please tune in to "Living Today" on Sirius 112 between 3:25 and 3:40 PM EST to hear who won the contest. We have a special announcement to reveal on air!

We’re in the homestretch! Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius 112) has narrowed down the Honeymoon Contest to three couples!

Which engagement story did you like the best? And which couple do think will have the biggest Martha Stewart-inspired wedding? The winner receives an all-expense paid honeymoon, courtesy of Apple Vacations. Read the stories below and please vote for your favorite duo!

Phoebe and Matthew
I got engaged last July, when Matthew planned the most exciting summer treasure hunt. I came home from work, and Matthew stopped me at the doorway by handing me little pieces of paper. I followed rhyming clues cleverly hidden all over our house, each accompanied by a sweet treat, tied with a ribbon. The last clue didn't have any candy -- just a beautiful antique Edwardian diamond ring! Matthew got down on one knee and proposed! I couldn't stop smiling and crying and immediately said, "Yes!"


We’re inspired by Martha Stewart Weddings in all aspects of our wedding planning. Our wedding will be under a tent in Phoebe's parents' backyard, so we are following Martha's advice to emphasize our beautiful outdoor setting. Our natural color palette will be dark green, chocolate brown, and white. A few specific ideas straight from Martha:

  • We are hanging cards calligraphies with guests' table assignments from grosgrain ribbons tied to a small tree near the bar area.
  • We are using assorted antique vases for the table centerpieces.
  • In a nod to Phoebe's grandfather, who is too ill to attend, we are placing several of his antique wooden duck decoys on the bar.

Kristin and Erik
Erik’s proposal wasn’t over the top, if anything, it was understated, but it took seven years, eight countries, and four states in order to prepare -- long distance can be brutal! In the end, it came down to one moment -- the last hour of a long weekend together.

The weekend had been hectic since we were entertaining out-of-town guests, and we didn’t have time alone to connect. I was covered in sweat from head to toe and had mud on my legs after playing with our hound, Cooper. However, Erik insisted that we share a blanket and bottle of wine near the river. Enjoying the serenity of the moment, I reflected on times past when distance separated us. Leaving each other’s side after wonderful, long weekends was difficult to do, but we made it through. At that moment, Erik pulled a beautiful ring out of his pocket. He promised a lifetime together and asked me to be his wife.


My wedding will be timeless, stylish, and oh, so chic -- inspired by Martha Stewart. The details will not be forgotten, thanks to her inspiration:

  • With classic colors of black and white, I plan to incorporate damask prints.
  • To give my reception a punch of color, large apothecary jars filled with limes tied in satin ribbon will serve as centerpieces.
  • To create the right ambiance, candelabras will be placed in the deep windowsills.
  • Lastly, in order to stay organized, Martha Stewart’s planning tools are a must for any bride!

Sara and Jeffrey
Jeff and I dated for 10 whole years (we’re high school sweethearts) before he popped the question! It happened on a warm November day in Denver. It was Monday morning, and Jeff said, "Let's take the morning off work and go for a hike; it's so warm out today!" We recently moved to Florida for Jeff's college program so I knew we wouldn't have another chance to hike in Colorado soon.


Jeff and I headed up to Lookout Mountain. We didn't have any water, supplies, or the proper hiking attire, but we still trekked up the mountain. It started getting windy, and I strongly suggested that we turn back. Jeff was eager to get to the top of the mountain, and would not let me stop. When we finally made it up to the top, we both caught our breath, and Jeff got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

I was a little light headed because of the altitude and thirst, but I do remember saying, “Yes!” As we walked down the mountain, the first thing Jeff says is, "OK, let's go buy the Martha Stewart wedding book you've been eyeing for the last 10 years!" and of course we did!

As long as I can remember I've wanted the Martha Stewart wedding. Everyone knows that I love her ideas and techniques:

  • We started with the invitations -- we found an easy and elegant template on her website.
  • Next we chose floral arrangements, color scheme, place cards, table cards, and thank-you cards that all coordinated perfectly.
  • Some of the most helpful advice I've gotten has come from the Etiquette and Traditions section on the website. We have a very blended family, and the invitation wording is a very sticky subject, but Martha answers all of those questions! We are getting married on November 29, 2008, in Golden, Colorado (and there will be a seat for Martha)!

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  • Good Luck Kristin!!!

  • Good luck Kristin! I pray you win. You deserve it : )

  • Good luck Kristin!! Loyally in EP :)

  • Congratulations Sara and Jeff !!! You are the prefect couple. Good luck with the contest!

  • Good luck Sarah and Jeff. I've heard great things about you from your Aunt Neva.

  • Good luck Kristen!! Cant wait to meet Erik in DC!!

  • Many blessings to both of you, Sara and Jeff! Your Martha Stewart wedding sounds wonderful, and we hope you'll win this contest. Whatever the case, we pray you'll start off your married life with great joy and God's blessings!

  • Yay for Phoebe and Matt! Phoebe is one of THE nicest people you will ever meet. She and Matt are SUCH a great couple and would be so so excited to win!

  • Good luck!

  • I found it. Jeff & Sara good luck. All the best from Altamonte.

  • I found it. Jeff & Sara good luck. All the best from Altamonte.

  • Congratulations and best of luck!

  • Good luck Sara and Jeff!

  • Sara and Jeff, Good luck on your marriage and on the contest! Heard lots about you from Aunt Neva. You deserve to win!

  • Great! Congratulations. Hope you are a winner. Sara & Jeff

  • Great! Congratulations. Hope you are a winner. Sara & Jeff

  • Congrad's to kristin & erik! with a life full of happiness & love!

  • Congratulations!

  • Good Luck Kristin and Erik...I'm a friend of Kara DeMent Flatau's.

  • Sara, how touching! Jeff is a lucky guy. You have to win this or Ken will have a cow.

  • Good luck Kristin and Erik!! Wish you both the best God has for you!

  • Good luck Kristin and Erik!! :-)

  • Good luck Kristin and Erik! At this time, being a band teacher and a wonderful bride to be is a great thing - you have a big, enthusiastic group cheering for you!

  • Good luck Kristin & Erik! There's a reason you two made it into the final 3 couples.

  • We're in your corner Kristin and Erik! Can't wait for the results! Best of luck, we love you guys! :)

  • Good luck Kristin and Erik!! These two work diligently to improve the world around them. Erik teaches school and is one of those who inspires today's youth. Kristin works hard everyday striving to improve the lives of inner city children as a social worker. These two professionals desire to make a difference in the lives of others. I hope you win a most needed vacation/honeymoon!! Keep up the good work. Thanks to all teachers and social workers. You are the good guys.

  • Oh goodness, how fun! This is such a great event, it is actually quite inspiring. Maybe after 12 years, we just might cross the line and get married! But I suppose one of us has to propose first and I wonder which of us has the guts to do so! ;)
    Good luck to all the couples, you are all so deserving! This is such a hard vote to cast, it'll take me some to think about this one...

  • Hello Voters,
    In case I don't make it on the radio to tell you thanks, I thought I would do it in a public format here! There are so many of you that have spent countless hours recruiting voters and urging them to vote, as well as voting yourselves. I can't even begin to tell you how much that means to me. Large groups of people that come to mind include Belmont Alums, Alpha Gam alums, DC Gov't, Atlantic Indoor Association, Edison High School students, Fairfax County Public Schools, George Mason University pep band, all the therapists, social workers, teachers, foster parents, adoptive parents, guardian ad litems, assistant attorney general's, etc. that work with us to make a difference in children's lives. My mom, dad, step-dad, brothers and sister who spent hours getting their friends to vote. And just about everyone that I know and love or knows and loves someone that I know and love for their help... You all have been wonderful! Thanks for your everything. -- Kristin :)

  • I must be possible to vote more than once. How are Sara and Jeff able to get that many votes that quickly?? Good luck, Kristin and Erik!

  • I must be possible to vote more than once. How are Sara and Jeff able to get that many votes that quickly?? Good luck, Kristin and Erik!

  • Good Luck Kristen and Eric... Wishing you the best of Luck. It only gets better after you say "I Do". Meredith and Stephen
    How I Love Those Alpha Gam's!

  • Sara and Jeff --- we are sure you'll have a great wedding and life together and if you win the honeymoon, it'l be icing on the old wedding cake, love DAD and Susan

  • Kristin and Erik: My son and i have been checking every day to see how you are doing.. its been fun.. Good Luck! We know you deserve it!

  • Nice comments Kristin and John! I think perhaps that everyone is emailing all of their friends and family who have been recruiting all of their friends and family to vote. Let's stay positive, shall we?

  • Sara & Jeff - I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We've officially recruited everyone we know to help us vote for you - BEST OF LUCK

  • GOOD LUCK! You two are the greatest! Kristen, I miss you! It sounds like you are doing really well! Keep it up!

  • Sara, we are so thrilled for you and Jeff!!

  • Good luck Kristin and Erik!! You truly deserve it

  • Phoebe & Matt - you guys are really really great even though it looks like you PROBABLY aren't going to win this contest ;) But I do love your engagement story and your wedding is going to be lovely as well!

  • God bless all three couples. You all sound like winners and I hope you all have beautiful martha inspired weddings, but most importantly, I hope you have marriages that are truly blessed. Congratulations and best wishes to you all! May all your dreams come true.

  • One more thing....Thanks Martha!! Maybe Martha will bake your wedding cakes. Wouldn't that be too much fun!

  • Kristin and Erik, You two are the lovliest young people I know. I hope you win this trip because I know how hard you two work for others everyday. I don't know anybody who needs a vacation/honeymoon more than you two. Keep up the good work and may God bless. See you at the wedding!

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