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Funny Pet Behaviors

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At Martha Stewart Living Radio, we love our pets and all animals in general. Martha's very own Frenchies, Francesca and Sharkey, have their own blog too. The dogs are quite fiesty -- and fun! Another cool pets perk we have here: a pets newsletter than you can sign up for! It will keep you up-to-date on all the latest pet news on health, nutrition, and behavior.

Speaking of behaviors, here's my African Grey Parrot Dusty showing off a behavior he taught himself.

What is Dusty doing with that feather?

Dusty Head Scratch I

Looks like he's sharpening it with his beak...

Dusty Head Scratch II

to use it as his very own back scratcher!

Dusty Head Scratch III

Do your pets have a funny behavior too? Do tell!

Comments (5)

  • He needs a little red cap to match his beautiful red tail!

  • What an amazingly beautiful bird, Mario! And inventive, too- I'm surprised he doesn't have you trained to scratch his back for him!

  • Here's a funny behavior for you - my cat comes running the second you open a bottle of wine or champagne and he will claw you to pull your hand down so he can get in a few sips. He's indifferent to what the drink is - wine, champagne, bllody mary, margarita, beer, etc - if it has alcohol, he wants it. He also knows when to cut himself off!

  • Thanks for all your comments!!! I will check with Isaac Mizrahi to see if he can create a cap for Dusty!!! LOL
    And Phyllis, he already has me scratching his head.. Becky, Dusty, and Forrest totally run the show at my house!!!

  • Too cute, thanks for sharing the pics!

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