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A Martha Stewart alum throws a dinner party!

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After working for Martha Stewart Living Radio for two years I felt so inspired by my surroundings that I decided to go to culinary school. I wanted to share some pictures from my final school project. The assignment was to design a four-course menu for a dinner party. I
tried to take my cues from Martha by choosing springtime as my theme
and a menu of simple, delicious, and seasonal food.Thanks to Betsy and Kim and the "Morning Living" listeners who have helped me every step of the way. Below are the final results.

I liked the way the hydrangea and the green table cloth enhanced my spring theme. Photo credit: Ben Duchac


The simple yet colorful table setting. Photo credit: Ben Duchac


This was my first course. A trio of bruschetta from left to right: a fava bean and avocado puree, tomato rubbed bread and Serrano ham, and lastly homemade ricotta with lemon zest and sea salt. Photo credit: Ben Duchac



I wanted to continue to play with the fava bean theme so I composed a “garden party” salad using some fresh ingredients from the farmers market. I love the color the radishes lend to the dish. Photo credit: Ben Duchac


The crown roasts of lamb look so festive! Photo credit: Ben Duchac


For the entrée, I paired the lamb with an olive tapenade sauce, couscous and green and purple grilled asparagus. Photo credit: Ben Duchac


This is a more rustic take on the strawberry galette from the May 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living. The pairing with fried basil was amazing. Photo credit: Ben Duchac


Here is the strawberry galette on plates. My favorite part of the meal was Martha’s basil infused whipped cream, also from the same issue of Martha Stewart Living. Photo credit: Ben Duchac


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  • wow! amaaaazing!! I wish I was there! I want to try that strawberry galette!

  • Whoa! Lisa this looks beyond amazing! Everything looks gorgeous. I wish I could taste all the dishes!

  • Wowza look at that view!

  • Lisa... you are truly talented. Fried Basil and strawberries. What colours!!!!

  • So jealous I wasn't invited.

  • what a final exam! Great job Lisa!

  • this looks amazing! really fantastic looking meal, great presentation!

  • the presentation is magnificant...i especially loved the strawberry dessert..i wish i could cook like that..

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