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A Fun Side to Unemployment?

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Today on "Morning Living" with Kim and Betsy I mentioned a new phenomena amongst the young and unemployed. According to a recent article, some of the jobless in San Francisco are actually viewing unemployment as an opportunity to volunteer, travel, freelance and consider career shifts. (Notably these are folks who have savings and/or severance and did not get caught up in the real estate crisis.)

The article mentions the Funemployment and Unemploymentality blogs. One of the founders of Unemploymentality, Tania Khadder said, "Being unemployed, took my attention, which was spread over a lot of different things, and gave it focus. In a way, it derailed my financial plan. But it accelerated my professional plan." Ms. Khadder's plan is to attend graduate school focused on public policy.

I realize that no one wishes to be unemployed and that many are struggling to pay for basic expenses even with unemployment checks. However, for those who do have the means to invest in themselves and their futures, now is the perfect time to explore a new career! To get started, tune into "Making a Living" with me  today at 4 pm EST and learn how to dress for success on a budget. Call in and join the conversation!

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