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Cupcake Contest!

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It's a big week here at Martha Stewart HQ. Our latest book, "Martha Stewart's Cupcakes" comes out tomorrow, June 2. To celebrate the book's release, we are running a Cupcake Challenge with our radio hosts and other hosts from Sirius XM! We have a wide array of entries -- from a meatloaf surprise to a super-duper frosty treat! The best part is that YOU get to pick the winner! Please vote on appearance since you obviously can't taste the cupcakes. Check out the photos below, and scroll till the end of this post to vote! You have until 1 p.m. ET on Friday, June 5 to vote!

UPDATE: Contest is over. Congratulations to Paulie Kodila and his cheeseburger cupcakes! Thanks everyone for voting!

Kim Fernandez, co-host of "Morning Living," made a cupcake creation that reminds us of campfires: S'mores Cupcakes!

Kim 2

Paulie Kodila (producer of "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer") made a cupcake that's a tribute to the perfect cheeseburger. These Cheeseburger Slider Cupcakes were created using the tops of yellow and chocolate cupcakes. The cheese is rolled-out, dyed Marzipan and was cut using a small pairing knife. The lettuce is dyed shreds of coconut, and the ketchup is red icing from the supermarket. The top of the bun was sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Hamburger 2

Covino and Rich, hosts of their own namesake show on Sirius XM, made Sunflower Cupcakes -- chocolate cupcakes with sweet vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant.

Conivno and Rich

Lisa G. of the Howard Stern 100 channel made I Love NY Cupcakes. The skyscrapers are made from licorice wheels.

Cupcakes I

Mario Bosquez, host of "Living Today," is getting ready for his broadcast in Vegas later this week. He made an Elvis-in-His-Later-Years cupcake! Elvis is chubby and glittery!

Allshookup Cake 038

Sandy Gluck, co-host of "Everyday Food," whipped up a hearty cupcake: Italian meatloaf cupcakes iced with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and garnished with chive blossoms and grape tomatoes.

Sandy Gluck cupcakes

Jane Pratt, host of her own show on Sirius Stars, made a frosting concoction with her 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte doesn't like the cake part, so they decided to make a fun cupcake for kids who only like the icing. Fun for Charlotte means pink, purple, and sugar!


Organizing guru Peter Walsh of Oprah Radio shared his before and after photos of his sweet treat. It resembles a Willy Wonka wonderland!


Terri Trespicio, host of "Whole Living," made a gluten-free vanilla cupcake with homemade vanilla frosting. It's topped with sprinkles and a strawberry. Ta da!

Terri cupcake 2

Frank DeCaro, host of "The Frank DeCaro Show" on OutQ has a bold statement: "My cupcake was so beautiful that I ate it."

Frank DeCaro

Mark Says Hi from Raw Dog Radio made a special Star Wars cupcake. He says, "It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young Skywalker, has dispatched thousands of remote cupcakes into the far reaches of space..."

Raw Dog Cupcake

Comments (172)

  • Looks Yummy!

  • I voted for sandy's meatloaf cupcakes
    I love the idea,
    all are cute but in our house and any cupcake with any icing will do. really fancy ones don't get eaten they get saved looked at then tossed.

  • I would like the smores one if it was toasted -like creme brulee'

  • I thought the cheeseburger cupcakes were so clever! Nice Job!!

  • i just love paulie's cupcake.yummy

  • Paul's looks to pretty to eat!

  • Oh dare, I meant Too pretty to eat. Alexis will scorn me for the typo!

  • Wow, I think I should stop typing now.

  • WOW! The Cheeseburger looks so real! Kudos to Paulie Kodila.

  • The cheeseburger cupcakes are a good thing!

  • peter's is very colorful

  • I thought Peter Walsh's before and after was very clever... and yummy too

  • They all are so different! Kim's looks delicious to me and like the one I would choose if I were standing in a bakery!

  • I loved Peter's "organized" cupcake (with all my favorite candies!)

  • I'd love to have Paulie's cupcakes with Kim's for dessert :-p But since I only get to vote for one - I had to choose Paulie's -- WTG!

  • Peter's cupcake told us who he is (in his celebrity life) in a baked good! No small feat, but wonderfully done!

  • Mario's has so much detail. The glitter and the hair.

  • Cheeseburgers. Definitely. How cute are they?

  • Hard to pick amongst the great talent, but those cheeseburger sliders are rockin'!
    Sandy Gluck's are the most creative, though, I dislike meatloaf!

  • Way to go Peter Walsh, sweet, colorful, and organized, who could ask for anythink else. You got my VOTE!!!!

  • Peter's cupcake is too cute to eat..... just like him!!!

  • Peter's cupcake is INSPIRING!

  • I go for s'mores!

  • Peter Walsh's "before" and "after" cupcakes were not only an ingenious idea, they looked mouthwatering and
    irresistible------just like Peter!!

  • it is clear that peter's "organized" cupcake is the winner by a mile.....he's done it again......he's taken a complete mess and turned it into a delicious piece of art........he sure has my vote.....

  • Peter gets my vote - hands down. Looks delicious and tells a great story. Bravo Peter!

  • that was a tough vote! some of them were so funny...some of them so creative! but it's a secret ballot, so I'm keeping it that way. thanks for the fun contest - loved it!

  • Peter! Peter! Peter! That's FUNNY! Plus cheeseburger flavored cupcakes would be GROSS!!! Good fortune to all of you for entering!

  • is there no end to this man's talent? Peter's cupcake creation is a sure winner

  • The Raw Dog cupcake must reign supreme!!! Stormtroopers unite!

  • Paulie is so going to win. His is the best on here.

  • I loved Peter's take on the cupcakes, from chaos to organized chaos!!! what a clever idea!!! and very colorful!!!!


  • I voted for the cheeseburger cupcakes so cute and very well done.

  • Paulie, you might feel like" the redheaded step child" on WHATEVER but I dare say noone could do a better job. Your cupcakes are really neat!! My vote is for you.

  • The Sunflowers are a little girly for Man radio hosts C&R.

  • Oh yeah baby....Peter Walsh's cupcake makes my mouth I want to just rip my closet apart and start from 'scratch'--- mmmm. I vote for him.

  • Paulie has my vote. The Smore one looks the most delightful, but the cheeseburgers! I still cant fathom that it isnt a cheeseburger!

  • Wow..they are all great. The cheeseburger cupcake is #1 and #2 would have to be the sunflower cupcake. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

  • Go, Peter!

  • Paulie from Whatever's Burger cupcakes are so amazing... These should be on the cover of a MARTHA book!

  • Frank DeCaro's cupcake says a lot - it sums up the experience that is essentially Frank. His gets my vote.

  • Need I say more Frank dicaro's none cupcake cupcake entry is the most clever of all.

  • I voted for the cheesburger cupcake- it's a cheesburger in paradise!

  • Frank......You better work!!!!

  • It's clear who the winner is... Frank DeCaro. The only one that was so great that he ate it! Mmmmmmmm...

  • The sunflower cupcakes are cheerful, a very appetizing appeal

  • Frank's idea is indeed clever, but in keeping with the rules, Paul gets my vote.


  • I vote for Peter Walsh. His cupcakes looks
    Scrumptious and Delicious.

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is my favorite movie of ALL times! Umpa Lumpa- umpa-de-do....
    Pete did a great job of organizing my candy for me so I can eat all of my favorites at once....
    Way to go Peter!!! Can you come to my house next?? :)

  • GO FRANK!! now that's a cupcake!! nuthin but the paper!

  • There is no way Paulie made those cupcakes! LOL
    I voted for Sandy - who doesn't love a meatloaf cupcake

  • Peter Walsh Cupcakes "Before and After" are great!! It has so much on one little cupcake...!!

  • Frank's is the best - what a statement!

  • I voted for Frank's missing in action entry...just because I love Frank.. lol.. BUT, I do have to say the cheeseburger cupcakes really took my fancy..I don't want to eat them..but what a GR8

  • covino and rich have some talent..the rest of them are swoot

  • Peter's before and after cupcakes show a brilliant transition. I am organizationally challenged and am now inspired to make things more orderly and beautiful in my house. Thanks Peter!

  • Here for RAW DOG! Heh Mark, I got your back!

  • Gotta go for the glitter. Mario's cupcake rocks!

  • I know Frank and if it was that good he ate it we are all missing out. Darn it Frank I wanted that one.

  • What, no Ron Bennington cupcake? What kind of rigged contest is this? Ron Bennington of the Ron & Fez Show (XM 202/Sirius 197 M-F 11a-3p) quite possibly has the best cupcake known to man. If you don't believe me, see for yourself...

  • OMG FRANKs MIA Cupcakes are simply scrumptous...and they are great for the waistline as well

  • RawDog cupcake ROCKS!
    The force is strong in this one...

  • Did Peter use hot glue? I didn't know you could eat that!

  • when is a cupcake not a cupcake. franks non
    cupcake cupcake is the best.

  • Those cheesburger cupcakes are great! I'm going to try and make them this weekend for a picnic party!

  • C'mon, cupcake and a beer! How could you go wrong? Then when you're done you have a sweet stormtrooper to play with! ............Clean the blender lid before you use it again tho!!!! GO RAWDOGS!!

  • Paulie has my vote. His looks real, unlike someone who has just the wrapper.

  • Paulie has the most creative--I'll go with him.

  • Beer, Cupcakes and Star Wars - What else do you need?? You've covered important food groups and geeky movie icons...You must vote for this! Call in the Jedi's!!

  • Peter Walsh's cupcake is both hilarious and inventive, while teaching us the value of organizing...the winner by fall! Love it!

  • Ok, the 'Missing in action' cupcake doesn't count if it wins!

  • Hands Down... Peter Walsh's cupcake is the NUMBER ONE pick! An organized cupcake is the essence of serenity - clarity - control (not self-control of course) and vision!! Who could resist that!!!

  • Peter very inspiring with his "organized" cupcake, house, thinking, etc.......

  • I loved both the before and after cupcakes very original! But the before was my favorite (There is no hope for me!)
    Carole the Clutterer.

  • Wow, my mouth is watering! Peter's cupcake is cute. I love the "before" and "after" effect.

  • Peter Walsh's the "Organized Cupcake" transformation gets my vote. You could even eat it in an orderly fashion! :)

  • what fun to "declutter" Peter's disorganized cupcake, bite by bite.

  • I was torn between the "cheeseburger" and Peter's candy. Protein vs. sugar. GO PETER!

  • I voted for Frank's cupcake!!!!
    It is the best one ever.
    It's inspiring.

  • Paulies are delightful..
    but the most beautiful is the empty one... Frank nailed it
    Have you seen Frank..this is the ONLY Man who should judge a cupcake..

  • Peter Walsh has my vote, best by far.

  • Peter Walsh's cupcake is the cutest! We love his idea of an organized cupcake and life!

  • Peter Walsh's hilarious begging spot on Jean Chatzky's Oprah Radio show was very persuasive! :)

  • Peter, Peter, Peter ~ without a doubt! Yum!

  • Peter Walsh!

  • The meatloaf cupcake is looks like a cupcake but it's no where near sweet and you could fool anyone with the little tomato really went outside the box!

  • Peter Walsh is awesome!

  • I love Peters cup cake. The back side shows my workspace. I need to take this inspration.
    Thank you Peter.

  • I hope the wrapper wins!

  • I am very intrigued by the meatloaf cupcakes. I would have never thought of taking the idea of a savory cupcake in the particular direction. I'm very tempted to try it, though.

  • i voted for meatloaf because the idea is ingenious and it looks delicious! the others that are really pretty just haven't convinced me that they would actually taste yummie!

  • I loved Peter's cupcake. Neat is sweet!!

  • Go Peter! His is the best. That cupcake will not make my butt look bigger so it is a clear winner!

  • I loved them all! I voted for Peter's , but it was a tough decision. I volunteer to be the official faster:)

  • Nubby chose I Love New York but would have picked Peter's if both cupcakes were included in the eating:)

  • Nubby should be known as Hubby!

  • I loved Paulie's cheeseburgers. For a moment I thought the buns were real actual buns and didn't think that would be appetizing. I read the description and I am all in for Paulie's cupcakes.

  • Paulie's cupcake is the BEST!!! Vote for him...He's the only one that should win!!!

  • Paulie's is very original and brilliantly executed. It probably needs more icing to eat it - for me anyway - but as an original, well-executed creation, it's tops.

  • Peter's organized cupcake is an OCD dream. Sorting like with like, a place for everything and everything in its place. Nothing short of inspirational!

  • Raw Dog you rock!!! Is the beer can edible also?

  • Paulie Kodila'a cheeseburger sliders are the most creative and unusual. They should win a prize. I bet they taste good too.

  • I see the creativity in all of them, but I love the clean lines of Peter's. Just looking at it gives me a feeling of accomplishment!

  • Thanks Mary-Kaye... Elvis and I love you!!!

  • Oh, the S'mores is my favorite, but I loved the photo of the empty wrapper, haha :)

  • Great Job Paulie, you are very very Martha. Those girls don't appreciate you enough, you should shove these cheeseburger cupcakes in Alexis and Jennifer's faces!

  • Are you people kidding? How can you vote for an empty cupcake paper?

  • I voted for Paulie he rocks, and his cookies are beautiful

  • I just love Paulie's cheeseburger cupcakes.... very clever!!!


  • My vote is for PAULIE! CHEEZBUGERRS...YUM!

  • I love Lisa G., and I love her cupcake. The cheeseburger cupcakes are amazing… and I want one of those meatloaf cupcakes RIGHT NOW! Ultimately, Frank gets my vote. He speaks to me, yet again, with his “MIA” cupcake. Brilliant as usual, Frank!

  • While they were all very cute and everyone had ingenius ways to express themselves via a cupcake, I must say that I LOVED Peter Walsh's before and after transformation. Way to go, Peter!!!! :)
    Warmest regards to you! Brilliant!

  • Cheeseburger Slider Cupcakes are the best!!

  • I vote for Paulie's Cheeseburger cupcakes!

  • Frank's is clearly the winner..

  • Frank DeCaro seems like the winner!

  • Peter Walsh's organised cupcake takes the cake!! The winner by far. 10 points for intelligent design and creativity!! Your supporter from Down Under!

  • I vote for Peter Walsh!

  • Frank's entry flaunts the spirit of the competition & the rules, however good the spirit that he may have intended. Hands down, each and every other entry is better than a used empty wrapper! Clever yes, but he really should be disqualified.

  • Paulie's are the best. So creative, great job!

  • We need to be able to vote for #1, #2, and #3. It is just too hard to decide!

  • The cheeseburger sliders take the cup"cake"!

  • The cheeseburger sliders take the cup"cake"!

  • I favor and vote for Peter's "keeping it organized cupcake" I would be tempted to remove and flavor one m and m at a time from the top!!!! yum.

  • I love Paulie's cupcake!! Go Paulie!!!!

  • Love the hamburger cupcakes that Paulie made. Good job Paulie!

  • Paulie's cupcake is the best! GO PAULIE!!!!

  • the cheeseburger tribute cupcake is perfect timing for the start of summer! this must win!

  • Peter Walsh Vote

  • I am voting for Paulie's.

  • The Cheeseburger Cupcake is so creative!!!

  • Paulie's cupcakes get my vote!

  • Paulie's cupcakes are the most original and combine my two favorite foods!

  • I love Paulie's sliders cause they are too cute! But I have to give big props to Lisa G for her innovative NY Skyline design cupcakes. Very creative and imaginative use of another edible medium to decorate. So while Paulie may get the crown, Lisa will serve as runner up in case Paulie can not fulfill her duties as...

  • Peter's cupcakes are awesome! So original:) I vote for Peter!


  • I for one, like two things: Cheeseburgers and not kissing Peter's arse (which seems to be common in these neck of the woods)...Go Paulie, give em hell...

  • wow..great cakes... i love lisa's cake.... I am the first voter for lisa it seems..

  • S'mores!

  • my good!!! i voted S'mores Cupcakes! my god, those cupcakes r very excellent looking!
    i talked to you before on the phone, i'm deaf one you talked to before on interview?
    miss and love you martha
    oxox from miles away,

  • These cupcakes are great! Love the smores and the burgers, but the empty wrapper says it all!

  • I voted more than once for the cheeseburger. I can tell it is 'cake' but it looks so cheeseburger-y. I luv it!

  • Elvis Rocks!

  • peter walsh has my vote!

  • Peter's "messy" cake was my favorite, as it really wasn't THAT reminded me of home..... The organized cake didn't seem to have the same soul.

  • Pauli of Whatever

  • Hey Kim, at least you didn't get a <1% -- HOW IS THAT even possible??

  • Frank Decaro is clearly the winner it was so tempting you cant help from eating it

  • of course..congrads to Paulie for the gr8 cheeseburger cupcakes.. gr8 job.. BUT??.. no mention of the ingenious idea of the ONLY other close contender in the race by Frank for his entry.. we can only imagine just how wonderful HIS was..LOL!!
    thnx to ALL entries for the fun it provided us all this week!!!

  • Way to go Paulie! Way to represent the Whatever crew!

  • Love Peter Walsh's submission.... perfect!

  • Peter Walsh's Cupcake looks the best!!!

  • Big surprise! Frank ate his cupcake!

  • LOVE Paulie's burger cupcake, hands down he HAD to win! They were very creative and look fairly labor-intensive s well.
    I must comment on the Star Wars one, ("Mark Says Hi"?) and say that I'd be afraid to eat it because the blender-cover looks like it has not been scrubbed in a VERY VERY long time! Sure did ruin an otherwise good photo of a good-enough cupcake!

  • peter gets my vote for his cleverly designed and organised cupcake which every child would drool over!

  • Peter's cupcake looks terrific - very imaginative.

  • Peter's entry is terrific - very clever.

  • These are great.. more like works of art than something to eat. I've never mastered the art of making food taste great AND look great... congrats to everyone that entered.

  • As an organisation freak myself, (or Tidy Heidi) as my partner calls me and a fellow Aussie, I have to vote for Peter's cupcakes. Love the idea of the messy cupcake before and the tidy cupcakes after - so clever :)

  • I love Peter Walsh and I vote for his, it
    is so clever!

  • Wish I could have voted but it was closed.I would havevoted for the Hamburger, tht is so cute and neat! Glad it won!

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