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Career Flexibility for Busy Bees

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It seems there's always a reason to be busy. When the economy is good, we're busy because there's too much work coming in. When the economy is bad, we're busy because we have to do more with less. Is there any room for work life balance in this busy work world we've created?

For that answer and a reality check on the state of work/life balance in the current economy, I interviewed work life expert Cali Williams Yost on "Making a Living." According to a recent study conducted by Work+Life Fit, work life flexibility survives and is here to stay. So if flexibility exists, the question is how do you get it?

To answer that question, Cali and I discussed some key steps:

Take Ownership of Your Schedule
Most people would have better work life balance if they made more conscious decisions about where they are spending their time. Cali suggests putting down all of your work and personal commitments into one calendar so you can truly see what you've committed to. Once you know where your time is going, you can be more conscious about spending time on top priority work and personal activities.


Be Proactive
If you want a flexible work arrangement, its best if you go to your boss with options. Most managers are too busy themselves to focus on how to best manage your work/life. You know your job best so come up with a better, faster or cheaper way to get work done in a way that fits your flexible schedule and your boss will be more apt to say yes.

Think Fit not Balance
Cali is famous for revolutionizing the way we look at work and life. She says that balance presents an all or nothing approach that is unrealistic for most people. She recommends instead to focus on finding the right fit between work and life that suits your needs not some 50/50 standard.

There's more to making a great living than just being busy. In fact, if it's not about being busy at all. It's about making conscious choices about how you spend your work and personal time so you are always doing what's most important to you! For more work life tips join me for the next Making a Living on Wednesday at 4 pm EST. I'll be talking about ways you can be very productive and work smarter not harder.

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