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Jean Georges visits Living Today!

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It's not every day that an acclaimed, world-class chef walks in and starts cooking for you. That's exactly what happened recently on Living Today when Jean-Georges Vongerichten, executive chef and owner of several restaurants, stopped by for a visit. The chef set up a cooking station right in our studios and proceeded to create his delicious version of Southeast Asian street food!

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Jean Georges currently holds twelve-stars from The New York Times for four of his NYC restaurants: JoJo, Vong, Jean Georges and The Mercer Kitchen. This James Beard award-winning chef prepared shrimp satay with sweet and sour sauce.

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He also made chicken samosas.

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The chef even mixed up some delicious cocktails and "mocktails." The Ginger Margarita was absolutely stellar!

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Jean Georges offered great advice about traveling and sampling the food outside the traditional restaurants. He says he's very adventurous when sampling the different types of street foods when traveling in Asia and these delectable recipes are the delicious result!

After the jump is the recipe for Chicken Satay with Lime Dipping Sauce. For more recipes email Living Today:


Jean George's Chicken Satay with Lime Dipping Sauce
Black Pepper Sauce

32 ounces scallions
10 ounces ginger
8 ounces garlic
4 ounces fermented black beans
6 ounces black peppercorns
50 ounces sweet soy
12 ounces. light soy
16 ounces sugar
10 ounces lime juice
1 ounce kosher salt
8 ounces grape seed oil

Fry garlic and ginger until golden, then add pepper and cook until very fragrant. Add remaining ingredients and bring to boil. Simmer for 9 minutes, remove from heat and puree to medium smooth.

1 piece pineapple (peeled, cored and cut into 1” pieces)

Put on a rack on a sheet try and line rack with a silpat. Arrange pineapple on top and place in a 200 degree convection oven until tight and chewy. Remove from silpat and keep dry.

To Serve
4 pieces U15 shrimp (peeled, cleaned and cut in half)
1.24 ounces . black pepper sauce
.5 ounces jicama (peeled and brunoise)
.2 ounces baby pea shoots (sliced very thin, stems included)
5 pieces. dried pineapple

Heat a little oil in a wok until smoking and add shrimp. Wok-fry until half-cooked, remove from wok, add black pepper sauce, the shrimp and the pineapple and toss well to coat. Place on plate, scatter jucama and pea shoots.

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  • I really want to eat those chicken samosas, right this minute!

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