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Career Change to Fit a Life Change

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It’s easier to believe something is possible when you see someone else has already done it. Recently on Making a Living, I featured the career change success story of Dorit Zeevi-Farrington. A career woman making close to seven figures, Dorit and her husband made the decision to go into business together after the birth of their daughter. For working parents and business professionals looking to have a successful career and quality time with family, Dorit had this advice to share:

Priorities change and you can align your career to match. For Dorit and her husband, starting a family meant a greater commitment to spending quality time together. By creating their own business, Manhattan Steamboat Company, Dorit and her husband got more control over their time and a fun way to make a living. If you feel your priorities have changed and want to align them with your career like Dorit, take the assessment in my recent post on work values.

Play to your strengths when partnering. In their business, Dorit takes care of client service, contracts, catering and all the financial aspects of the business. Her husband captains the boats and crew. It’s a partnership that works in business like in life because their skills complement one another. And believe me it shows! I had the pleasure of sailing on their boat, the Star of America for a post-wedding party my husband and I put on for our New York friends and family (see photo on below).

Star of America

Don’t Find Time, Make time. Even with their own business, Dorit realized she had to set boundaries between work and home. So everyday she makes time to pick up her daughter at school, have dinner together and help with homework. Though it was challenging to slow down given her Type-A personality, Dorit doesn’t allow work to interfere with this quality mother-daughter time.

You might be feeling as if work demands are keeping you from life moments too important to miss. Don't ignore your real priorities but rather incorporate them into your career plan. In the long-run, real success depends on your performance both at work and at home. For more career tips, advice and ideas, tune into Making a Living today at 4pm EST (1pm PST)! I'll be joined by the authors of "Working For You Isn't Working For Me."

Photo credit: Pat Stegner

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  • Great post. I talk much about this topic in my new book, The Leap. Life isnt about success. its about achieving on your own terms, working with your strengths and passions every day. Success, but personally defined.
    Rick Smith

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