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Health Tips and Public Displays of Personal Hygiene on “Martha”

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Last week, I appeared on The Martha Stewart Show to talk about some of our favorite health tips from the current issue of Body+Soul -- which included black tea for diarrhea, broccoli for healthy gums (it’s true!), and for cold/flu and allergy sufferers....the neti. Yes, the neti pot. I knew I’d be talking about the benefits, but didn’t know that I’d be demonstrating them until moments before we went on air.

The funny thing is, this was not the first time I’ve done the neti pot live on the air -- my very FIRST neti was in the Martha Stewart radio studio, alongside Dr. Brent, who assured me I wouldn’t drown, but whom I made sure knew CPR, just in case. I turned out to love the neti, and appreciate the health benefits. And I do it fairly often myself -- and after watching the video below (I'm "neti-ing" at the 6:10 mark), you’ll either think, “Hey I could try that,” or you’ll be mildly disgusted. It’s ok. I understand. and CNN both picked up the snippet of me douching my nose for their “most awkward TV moments” -- and I was actually proud of that!

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  • How absolutely ridiculous! I cannot display this video in my country (Canada) because of copyright restrictions. What's that all about?
    Needless to say, kudos on proper instruction (although if I cannot view, I'm not certain it is)because people shy away from neti pot because of the process.
    After years of smoking and serious sinus infections being the lasting gift I now deal with, rinsing my sinuses with a neti pot has been my saving grace many a day! I'm now in my fourth year with no sinus infections and no need for yet another round of antibiotics and their nasty side effects! Thanks so much for getting it out there.

  • For anyone who has had trouble with the neti pot you might want to consider the bottle. I had neck surgery and have trouble positing my head correctly to use the neti pot so i use the bottle. It's made my NeilMed and sold at Walmart for about $10. It's much easier to use than the pot.
    I use my "neti" bottle sometimes 2x a day. I'm allergic to everything outside. As luck would have it i have a job that keeps me outside alot. When i come in for a job i always flush out my sinuses.

  • The instructions on my neti pot say to use only distilled water that is warmed in the microwave or stovetop. Therefore, I have never used it, since I never remember to buy distilled water & I am afraid of warming it too much & burning myself; plus there is nowhere in my teeny bathroom to store gallon containers. Is it really necessary to do this?

  • [...] are plenty of great videos online that make mastering the Neti pot easy (see Body+Soul’s demonstration), as well as a selection of Neti products favored by top green gurus such as Sophie Uliano.  So [...]

  • I can not display this video in Spain either. THANKS for helping me to teach my five yera old girl to use the neti pot

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