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Emeril vs. Mario Batali in Iron Chef and Mario reveals why he wears orange clogs

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Mario and Emeril

It doesn't get much more fun than Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali in studio together. Friends on and off the air, the two chefs began their day with a mini-Iron Chef battle on Good Morning America that had them each preparing dishes using apples. It was a just a small preview for the real deal: an epic Iron Chef battle, hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama, that pitted Lagasse and Batali against team of Bobby Flay and White House Chef Cristeta Comerford. It airs on the Food Network on January 3rd, and you'll have to tune in then to find out what they cooked and who was the winner, but here's a sneak preview from today's show.

We got calls from all over the country, with questions for the chefs ranging from "Do you use eggs in your meatballs?" (yes!) to "What keeps a traditional Yorkshire pudding moist?" (lard, glorious lard!). One Mario fan named Noelle had a burning fashion question: "What's up with those orange clogs?" Watch this video to hear his answer.

If you want to hear more from Mario and Emeril, stay tuned for a special tailgate party broadcast we'll be doing live from Miami on Superbowl weekend. Mario already promised to bring the tequila, and we're going to hold him to it. I wonder if he'll be wearing his clogs on the beach...

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