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50 Uses for Plastic Bags

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Once again, Morning Living asked our listeners to come up with 50 creative uses for an everyday item they have in their homes.  Recently, we've asked for 50 uses of  popsicle sticks and coffee filters, but  this time around we asked about plastic bags.  So if you ever wanted to know what to do with those grocery bags or want to store something in a sandwich bag, check out our list!

1) Pillow Stuffing
2) Garden Kneepads
3) Car Antenna Warning Flag
4) Scooping Cat Litter
5) Curbing Dog
6) Diaper Bag
7) Braided Rugs Made From Bags
8 ) Saddle Bag for Bike Ride
9) Make Wreaths
10) Protective cover for shoes and clothes when packing.

11) Wet Swimsuit Bag
12) Garden Gloves
13) Lining Trash Cans
14) Cleaning Out Dryer Lint
15) Line Christmas Tree Skirt
16) Car Trash Bag
17) Garden Tent To Protect From Snow
18) Wrap Arm Cast In Shower
19) Hold Flowers While Transferring
20) Hold Scrapbooking Supplies
21) Wrap around a soup and put in the freezer.
22) Organize Gloves
23) Cover Plants and Seedlings
24) Hold Items Left For Donation
25) Cleaning Out Items For Fridge
26) Drop Cloth
27) Makeshift Poncho
28) Coloring Hair
29) Scarecrow Filler
30) Shoe Horn
31) Separate Clean from Dirty Clothes in Suitcase
32) Seat Covers
33) Lunch Bag
34) Moisturize Feet
35) Protect Documents
36) Throw Out Cooking Oil
37) Toiletry Bag
38) Cake Icing Bags
39) Line Ground Before Mulching
40) Carry Fish After Fishing
41) Cover Side Mirrors During Snowstorm When Parked
42) Line Trunk With Dry Cleaning Bag
43) Jewelry Storage
44) Homecoming Float Decorations
45) Texture When Painting
46) Keeping Moisture In Paintbrushes
47) Protects Hands When Cutting Vegetables
48) Cover Meat and Chicken When Flattening
49) Frost Protectors for Tomatoes
50) Taking Off The Skin From Roasted Peppers

If you have any more of your own suggestions, put them in the comments below and we'll read them on air!

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  • You can also wrap your feet in plastic bags before you put them into your shoes.

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