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When can I start planting?

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The irony of blogging about frost-free dates during the first major snowstorm of the year here in New York is not lost on me, believe me. But now is about the time that, no matter what it's doing outside, I start to get a little antsy about starting seeds. If you've received your order and those pretty packets are looking at you with puppy dog eyes, do yourself a favor and check this handy link to find out  the average last frost date for your area. Then, count back from that date by the number of weeks recommended on the seed packet for successful indoor sowing to know when you can get started. Even though it may be tempting, don't  start seeds indoors that are recommended for outdoor sowing, and don't start indoor sown seeds too soon - it will just hold the plants back and make them harder to get established in the garden. For now, just open up your favorite gardening book or catalog and dream about warmer days to come!

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