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50 Uses For Duct Tape

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Recently on Morning Living we talked about the  "12 Great Multitaskers" story  in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine (page 86), which highlights the numerous ways everyday household items can be used.  Kim and Betsy also asked listeners for 50 different ways duct tape could be used, and we have the entire list below!

1) Bundling Branches
2) Wart Remover
3) Make a Wallet
4) Make a Pocketbook
5) Make a Dress
6) Keep a Dryer Door Closed
7) Fix a Broken Car Window
8 ) Identify Luggage on the Carousel at Airport
9) Fix Eyeglasses
10) Keep  a Fashion Model's Clothes in Place

11) Lint Remover
12) Hold a Windowpane in Place
13) Traction For Shoes
14) Turn a Pot Into a Pressure Cooker
15) Fix Holes in Carpet
16) Seals Leaky Pipes
17) Dressing an Injured Horses' Legs
18) Covers a Blister for Runners
19) Protects Runners Shirts from Chafing
20) Seal Leak in an Air Gun
21) Hems Pants
22) Tape a Spare Key Under Car
23) Seal Air Conditioner In Window
24) Fix Stroller
25) Fly Trap
26) Patch Torn Luggage
27) Block News Ticker at The Bottom of TV Screen (A listener said her parents do this!)
28) Holding Flower Arrangements in Place
29) Dog Leash
30) Make a Pocket Folder
31) Make a Hat
32) Backpack Straps
33) Make Girl Scout Sit-upons for Camping
34) Fireman Halloween Costume
35) Extend Broken, Disposable Shopping Bag Straps
36) Sealing Moving Boxes
37) Reseal a Bag of Chips
38) Bumper Sticker
39) Book Cover
40) Hanging Christmas Lights
41) Wrap Presents
42) Make Bracelets
43) Make Bicycle Streamers
44) Fix a Tail Light
45) Make a Temporary Roof Shingle
46) Replace Lawn Chair Webbing
47) Fix a Tent
48) Patch a Swimming Pool
49) Make a Clothesline
50) Fix Ski Gloves

Thanks to everyone who sent their uses for duct tape!

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