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Clever Clutter Solutions

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I recently interviewed Jamie Novak, author of Stop Throwing Money Away on Whole Living, and I have to tell you, she's my kinda gal. Well, let's say, she's the kind of gal I wish I was: highly organized, and not as strongly suggestible as I am when it comes to organizing products. Because let's face it, most of the time we fall in love with the storage solution before we know what to apply that solution to.

Jamie isn't the kind of organizer who comes sweeping through your home and ordering you to kick half your possessions to the curb in order to start your new life. Nope--she says if you love it, need it, keep it--but you have to have a place for everything. Therein lies the challenge.

I got so fired up excited in the middle of reading through her strategies that I popped right up and started organizing--which included not just dumping drawers but finding smarter ways to keep my chaos in order. My favorite? The egg carton as jewelry organizer. Saved me easily the $50 I would have paid for a manufactured solution. Instead, I just went into my fridge and grabbed them (moving the eggs to the fridge door), and voila! Jewelry in order!

No more tangled necklages or missing earring thanks to these egg cartons.

Other great things to keep in mind: Get stuff off the horizontal surfaces (clutter) and go vertical (try an over-the-door pantry shelving unit). Reuse boxes, jars, bottles, even just box lids (for organizing drawers). Stop tossing money on expensive stuff that you can find right in your home. Thanks for the tips Jamie!

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  • use ice cube tray for storing earings , buy the trays at the dollar store.

  • Great idea! I did this with the cardboard cartons - we tore off the top and my daughters painted them with water colors. They turned out looking very natural and pretty!

  • but... but... what if you have nowhere to put the egg cartons after you've filled them with jewelry??

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