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We have germination!

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It's been just over a week since my first round of seed planting, and already things are popping up! The first spinach seed germinated last Saturday, but now many more of them have sprouted:

All those fuzzy bits you see on the soil surface are London plane tree seeds that blew in on the wind.
And this morning when I went out to take these photos, I was greeted by the very first pea sprout:

a wee pea plant

Now, I just have to cross my fingers that the starlings and squirrels don't find out about my garden...

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  • Anxious to see your garbage can of London plane trees! Too early in buffalo for such sprouts - I take it you're not expecting any more frosts down that way? Or is everything very protected in your alleyway?

  • Author Comment:

    Yes - if all those seeds sprout, I'll have a major chore on my hands! I'm counting on the cold tolerance of these crops to make it through the unpredictable weather...but we'll see what I'm saying after we get temperatures in the 20s tonight!

  • Oh how exciting! I think those "baby's" are going to love the sunshine this weekend!!

  • They are so ready for some sun after all this rain...I think I will hear them growing when it warms up on Thursday!

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