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Word of the Day: hypertufa

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Hypertufa may be new to you.  English dictionaries don’t even list it. The operable word is tufa, the rock deposits that form at the bottom of bodies of water. The rock is fine and porous, and forms from volcanic ash. Actually, the rock is properly called tuff. The Italian tufa, forms from sedimentary rock. Hypertufa is a bit different. It’s a manmade rock -- combing peat moss, perlite, and Portland cement-- commonly used to make garden containers. It’s an easy way to make a container that resembles stone but is more porous and much lighter.

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  • In trying to buy Portland Cement - white.I only find Masonary cement in white. Is this O. K.? Its commonly used for Mortor mix for brickwork

    Second question. Where do I buy mold-release. I tried Home Depot and they thought I was from another planet

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