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Sandy's Chicken Margarita Sandwich

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Today's sandwich, inspired by the holiday Cinco de Mayo and margaritas was a Mexican torta. What is a torta? Well, it's a super packed sandwich  with pretty much whatever you'd like to put in it, generally including a meat, cheese, and some lettuce. With Cinco de Mayo and margaritas on my mind, I thought why not take the margarita flavor profile and make a marinade for the chicken in the sandwich? A little tequila, some OJ (to mimic the orange liqueur in the margarita), and lime juice. And no worries if you'd like to use a storebought salsa and guacamole, it just means you'll get to eat this delicious meal that much sooner!

Download Recipe: Sandy's Chicken Margarita Sandwich

Chicken Margarita Torta

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