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Word of the Day: brochure

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A brochure is a small booklet that’s designed to promote a place or pretty much anything. Size varies, but a brochure is always small with a dozen or so pages. But brochure is a French word for something that’s been stitched together. That’s how the first brochures were assembled. But you should also think about brochures the next time you wear a brooch. This spelling for this clothing ornament had always been broach. A broach was a pointed tool used to open crates. Both broaches point to pins of some sort, which are obviously linked to sewing. Today broach means to discuss something for the first time.

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  • ROSIE'S SHADY CUPCAKE ROCKS.. Those other cakes are for Sissy's

  • Rosie and crew, I think honestly that your squirrel is very adorable. It does not look or smell like s---. Your cupcake is very original. YOU CAN WIN!!!!! As your crew tells you that you should not give up. SMILE, I can tell you are frowning.

  • previously submitted incorrect email. I hope you still received my email. GO ROSIE, YOU CAN WIN

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