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A "Day in the Life" with Whole Living Host, Terri Trespicio

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Excited to continue sharing with you a "day in the life" with our team of successful radio hosts!

A great way to figure out if a career is right for you is to talk to successful people in that field.  That's why on Making a Living, I showcase a "day in the life."  To learn more about how to conduct your own informational interviews check out Informational Interviewing 101.

Here's what Terri Trespicio had to say about a day in the life as host of Whole Living:

How did you know you wanted to work in radio?

People at all random times in my life have told me I’d be good in radio, and I always found it amusing because I didn’t know how one would go about doing it. I used to pretend I was a DJ and record myself on cassette tapes on my first boom box in the 80s. In high school, my friends and I were leaving an outgoing message on my answering machine (ah, the days), they said “You do it. You’re the one with the good voice.” Then in college, my dance teacher told me I had a voice for radio (notably, she did not tell me to pursue a career in dance). When I started in the masters of fine arts program at Emerson College in Boston, I wanted to walk into their very famous radio station and ask them if I could work there. But I never got up the guts. It wasn’t until, as a magazine editor at Body+Soul, we were acquired by Martha Stewart and lo and behold—there was a radio station that needed content, did I realize, aha! This is how I’ll do radio. And that’s exactly what happened.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that I don’t have just one job. I’m still a magazine editor (going on 7 years with this publication, now called Whole Living), but I’ve added to that job title now that I’m a radio broadcaster with a daily show (“Whole Living” on Sirius XM every day at 10a ET), and television. As a kind of ambassador for the Whole Living brand, I’d say the best part is that I get to not only come up with the content, I get to creatively devise how to maximize that content and share it across a range of media platforms. I’m never, ever bored.

What's one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring radio host?

I’ve had to learn to do a few things in order to improve my on-air abilities: such as slow down, trust your gut, never script anything and then read it (people can tell). But the most important, and one I still have to work on, is: Ask the question and then shut the hell up.

Thank you Terri!  If you have questions for Terri, post them here.  You can also contact me with any career dilemmas or comments.  Stay tuned for more day in the life interviews on the Martha Radio Blog!

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  • Wonderful interview! I love listening to Terri when I can. Her interviews are always engaging—and funny, too!

  • So glad to hear you enjoyed Terri's interview and her show! I agree. Terri does a great job engaging her audience with her interviews while also being entertaining. Maybe comedian can also be in her job description some day!

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