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Food Week in Review: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Pancakes! If you use our Everyday Food "How-to:  Pancakes," you'll get great pancakes every time without a mix - seriously! Sometimes I mix up the flours a bit, replacing some of the unbleached flour with corn and/or whole wheat.

Photo by: Samantha Kuvin

Chicken and pasta go together like bread and butter. Brown bite size pieces of chicken in garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Add herbs like fresh oregano if you like. Meanwhile cook pasta in salted water and add brocolli florets for the last few minutes. Drain (save some pasta water for sauce!) and toss veg, pasta and chicken together in saute pan. Add a healthy handful of grated cheese - love it!

Photo by: Samantha Kuvin

I call this quick chicken and wine. Using skinless, boneless chicken breast, it's faster to brown. Let the chicken rest on a plate while cooking the mushrooms and onions. Reduce some wine, add and send the chicken back in the pot to finish. Don't forget salt and pepper to taste along the way - thyme goes nicely in this dish too.

Photo by: Samantha Kuvin

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