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70 Uses For Cardboard Boxes!

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On "Morning Living," we sometimes like to ask our listeners for help putting together a list of 50 uses for a common household item. We've done popcicle sticks and plastics bags before and got a huge response! This time we looked for creative ways to use cardboard boxes, and because of you, we went WAY past the 50 mark! Thanks to everyone who emailed, tweeted and called the show, and check out the full list!

1) Fort For Kids
2) Soccer Goal
3) Diorama
4) Shoeshine Kit
5) Protecting Knees While Gardening
6) Magazine Storage
7) Race Cars
8 ) Sun Prints
9) Litter Box
10) Tupperware Storage
11) Portable Ironing Board
12) Campfire Oven
13) Toy Box
14) Moving Box
15) Recycle Bin
16) Xmas Card Mailbox In School
17) Sled
18 ) Jewelry Orgainzer
19) Pill Box
20) Emergency Umbrella
21) Boat
22) Paint Shield
23) Stencil Mat
24) Cat Toy Box
25) Cat Holder During Cleanup
26) Playhouse
27) Dollhouse
28 ) Downhill Ride
29) Scenery For A Play
30) Drop Cloth
31) Protect Floors From Scuffing
32) Doormat
33) Gift Box
34) Coffin For Halloween
35) Soak Up Oil In Garage
36) Make Doll Furniture
37) Organize Ribbon
38 ) Cat Sled
39) Weed Barrier
40) Sword And Shield For Playtime
41) Thread Dispenser
42) Robot Costume
43) Trunk Liner
44) Pair Of Dice Costume
45) Filing Box
46) Parade Float
47) Collect Broken Glass Safely
48 ) Drawer Divider
49) Storyboard
50) As Supports For A Table
51) Store Imporant Collectables
52) Store Boxes For Electronics
53) Collecting Office Supplies
54) Doghouse
55) Pinata
56) Cover A Broken Window
57) Basketball Hoop
58 ) Baseball Base
59) Placemat
60) Signs
61) Laundry Hamper
62) Glue Mixing Pad
63) Fan
64) Paint Easel
65) Flower Pot
66) Glue Mixing Pad
67) Seat Cover
68 ) Tool Box
69) Dust Cover
70) Shipping Container

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  • […] household item can be used for. I found a list of “70 Uses For Cardboard Boxes” here. The list includes crazy ideas for cardboard boxes from a soccer goal to a […]

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