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Homemade Bread, Fresh From the Oven

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Multigrain Crusty Bread

1 Multigrain Crusty Bread

Nice chewy interior

2 Nice chewy interior

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Elinor Klivins, author of "Fast Breads."  There are lots of interesting breads in the book, and the tag line - "easy, delicious bread," says it all.  One in particular, Multigrain Crusty Bread appealed to me so much that I thought I'd make a few loaves and break "virtual" bread with Elinor (she was in Camden, Maine and I was in the studio).  A crunchy crust topped with an assortment of grains and a chewy interior loaded with the same grains made for three super loaves.  A pan on the lower shelf of the oven, with a little water made some steam which gave the bread it's bakery perfect crust.  The recipe was super easy to follow, rose overnight in the fridge, and I was able to bake in the morning before coming to work.  The recipe makes two loaves, but it was easily divided into three.  Monty and Shavon gave it the thumbs up, as did the friends I shared the other loaves with. Overnight proofing, a quick rise in the AM, and fresh bread is yours in a jiffy.

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