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"Morning Living" Halloween Costume Throwdown!

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It is officially less than one week until Halloween-- and that means that it's time to get serious about putting together your costume if you haven't done so already. Our awesome "Morning Living" listeners pitched in with their best last-minute Halloween costume ideas today-- and we thought we'd share some of them with you below!

-"Electrocuted"- hair sticking up, burned spots on clothes, electric cord attached to a shirt, white holiday lights as a necklace
-"Cereal killer"- big box with hole cut for head and arms, decorate as a cereal box, carry rubber knife
-Mobster/gangster- cute for kids!
-Fried egg- great for pregnant women, wear a white box, wear a yellow shirt and cut a hole out for your belly (yolk)-- after the baby is born, can be a chicken!
-"Dinner"- family can dress as a fork, spoon, knife, dinnerplate, etc.
-Bun in the oven- a pregnant woman dresses up as an oven with her belly as a bun, husband can be the baker!
-Crime scene- if you can't make it to a Halloween party, go early and make your outline in white electrical tape, and label it as you!
-Refrigerator magnet- paint a shoebox black and put it on your back
-Smarty pants- glue Smarties to your pants!
-Black eyed "P"- cut a "P" out of construction paper and tape it to your shirt, and paint your eye black
-Static cling- stick hair up, glue socks and dryer sheets to shirt/pants
-“Mother Nature”- white sheet draped like a toga, a gold curtain tie-back with tassels as a belt, leather sandals, a daisy candle ring worn as a hairpiece
-“Bubbles”- blow up an old kiddie pool, cut out a hole in the floor to slip over your head, fill up with blown up balloons
-“Bathtime”- bath robe, slippers, rubber ducky necklace
-Martha craft product, ie; a paper punch, glitter, etc.
-“Roadkill”- black pants and shirt, two yellow lines vertically down your body, small stuffed animals glued all over

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