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Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2010

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UPDATE: Congrats to Rosie Radio’s Bobby Pearce and his Halloween Snowman pumpkin for winning the first annual MSLR Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Rounding out the top three were Paul Kodila and his caterpillar-inspired creation followed by Janette Barber and her decoupaged design.  Bobby received a prize pack of assorted Martha Stewart Halloween goodies valued at approximately $275.

Martha Stewart Living Radio has invited many of its hosts, along with other Sirius XM hosts, to participate in the First Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. You have from now until 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Friday, October 29, to vote for your favorite decorated pumpkin! Mario Bosquez, host of "Living Today," will announce the winner live on air October 29. Cast your vote now!

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Mindy Thomas, host of

1 Mindy Thomas, host of "The Absolutely Mindy Show" on Kids Place Live, had a little help from her son who was begging to help decorate her pumpkin. So, she stuck him in the pumpkin!

Paul Kodila, producer of

2 Paul Kodila, producer of "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer," took nine 4-pound pumpkins, plastic clothes-hangers, mini sneakers, and temper paint. The structure weighs about 40 pounds and is free standing.

Mario Bosquez, host of

3 Mario Bosquez, host of "Living Today" was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven."

Terri Trespicio, host of

4 Terri Trespicio, host of "Whole Living," FALLS in love with her pumpkins.

Sandy Gluck, host of

5 Sandy Gluck, host of "Everyday Food," gives a new spin to the classic Mr. Potato Head and introduces Mr. Pumpkin Head.

Janette Barber, executive producer for Rosie Radio, decorated with decoupage, using antique wallpaper saved from the farmhouse where she grew up. The big rose was on the walls of her room.

6 Janette Barber, executive producer for Rosie Radio, decorated with decoupage, using antique wallpaper saved from the farmhouse where she grew up. The big rose was on the walls of her room.

Bobby Pearce, producer for Rosie Radio created a Halloween “Snowman”. The Pumpkin Witch stands over 3-feet tall on a bed of autumn leaves.

7 Bobby Pearce, producer for Rosie Radio created a Halloween “Snowman”. The Pumpkin Witch stands over 3-feet tall on a bed of autumn leaves.

Mary Occhino, host of

8 Mary Occhino, host of "Angels On Call" created this "Freaky Angelique" pumpkin. She created "Freaky Angelique" as an angel with a wild side and a humorous one to boot!

Dr. Marty Goldstein, host of

9 Dr. Marty Goldstein, host of "Ask Martha's Vet," shows off his carving skills with this "Haunted House" pumpkin.

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  • I love the wallpapered one becasue it brings back my childhood and how we did pumpkins

  • Janette's Pumpkin gotta vote for that..... Bobby's Pumpkin ....I don't think so... A Pinata in the making

  • Janette's Pumpkin gotta vote for that..... Bobby's Pumpkin ....I don't think so... Not fair ..Bobby used 3...

  • Janette...who knew she was a crafty lady....

  • LOVE the pumpkin Mindy!!! My girls love your show. Happy Haloween

  • Where is Jeannie Weenie's candy pumpkin??? That one is the best!! Can we do write in votes?

  • Ok can I just say that the decoupage pumpkin looks like grandmas craft day got a little out of hand at the nursing home.
    oh and it's just so spooky (not) it's Halloween not the antique road show

  • Vote for Janette....

  • Decoupage

  • Janette the Deco Queen

  • Of course the best two are from Rosie Radio! I wouldn't expect any different. My favourite is Bobby's because it's spooky. Janette's is very nice but it is Halloween after-all, I expected some boo factor.

  • I am torn between the caterpillar and the snowman witch. I like the ones who think outside the pumpkin box. The decoupauge is a good idea but it's very sloppy, some of the images are cut off and the words at the end of the rolls are showing. it's a shame because it could have been very cool. This is Martha Stewart after all, neatness counts!

  • I think Marie is really Janette or janettes agent

  • I voted for Paul's pumpkin, because he's my cousin and the last time I saw him, he was seven. Minus the facial hair.

  • Ahhh, where is Jeannie's candy covered pumpkin?! I also wish it was included. Love Bobby's pumpkin and Janette's retro deco work! Rock on Rosie Radio!

  • Bobby's is just great scary, innovative. The scarf is wonderful! I want it on my porch!!!

  • wow, what a disappointment. i was really expecting to be stunned with the amazing pumpkins. all were cute but i thought for sure the martha gang would have created a masterpiece. thank goodness for the caterpillar , decoupage pumpkin and the witch pumpkin.

  • OMG, why is Janette pumpkin not winning??? It is awesome, who knew?? lol

  • "The decoupauge is a good idea but it's very sloppy, some of the images are cut off and the words at the end of the rolls are showing."

    Wow, were you a nun at a Catholic school in Iowa in the 70's? This particular nun also thought she was an art critique.

  • Hey, who did the crow ? thats a cool one.
    it was that or the witch or the haunted house for me-crafy.
    that wild one is too much-cant read the words. Its like a prozac pumkin-kidding!
    I liked them all.

  • Its a SnowWitch,, not a snowman.....

  • OMG, I love Janette's pumpkin! Can I buy it?

    This is Martha Stuart for christ's sake
    It's not good, it's sloppy, and aside from the fact that under all that glitter glue and tacky dated pictures it actually a pumpkin, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Halloween.
    At least the others were at least done in the spirit of the holiday!

  • love your pumpkin baby mindy!

  • Please vote for Terri's pumpkins. She really tried hard to come up with a good idea.

  • I love the Witch it's truly the most creative thought out and Halloween-ish entry
    Bobby needs to appear on Martha's show, he's really good. Or better yet he should have his own craft show! He could craft and sing and design his way into our hearts & homes across America

  • Janette's is awesome... Bobby is running away with this...Help!! Oh NO is it true Bobby is the better Pumpkin vote is he getting soooooo mannnyyyyy votes...

  • Sung to the tune from Sesame Street

    One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn't belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
    Did you guess which thing just doesn't belong?
    If you guessed Janette's is not like the others,
    Then you're absolutely...right! it's just WRONG

  • Hey MARIE PBLTTTT!!!!!

  • Sorry that rasberry was for MARIA not Marie

  • I love Mary's Freaky Angelique!!!

  • mary,love angelique!!!

  • Love Mary's Angelique!! Her eyes look so real!

  • Im sorry but this Marie ladys obsession with Janette
    and that grandma looking pumpkin is just down right creepy

  • Great job on Angelique Mary! Boo

  • I love almost all the radio shows on 102 and the people on it such as Rosie Radio, Deepak Chopra, Angels on Call so I wanted to look and judge the most interesting, creative and attractive pumpkin that still inspires a the meaning of Halloween and by far "Mary's Fearky Angelique" should be the winner. i also like Jeanettes pumpkin which is very interesting also. The other's were more ordinary. I hope this contest is judged fairly and objectively.

  • If we're going for creepy/fun Halloween, it's Mary O all the way, and Bobby's second. I don't get the decoupaging at all. For cuteness, the boy in the pumpkin. Adorable.

  • I love Mary O's pumpkin!

  • Mary O's the best!!! As always!!!

  • Have to give probs to Mary O's "freaking" pumpkin

  • Mary I love Freaky Angelique...I think you captured the essence and soul of the pumpkin!! She is Brilliant!

  • I voted for janettes decoupaged pumpkin;even though it's not as
    "hloweenish"as th others,it reminded me of a simpler,more loving&
    innocent time;less bickering,anger&violence:

    Florence Henderson on Dwts
    and of course,Janette herself!

    the music man(Matthew Broderick/kristin chenoweth version,of course!)

  • Mary puts the "O" in original!

  • Loved Freaky Angelique, because it had a lot of thought put into it. Fun, scary & remniscent of a witch named Angelique on Dark Shadows! Got my vote!

  • Janette's pumpkin is so pretty- it's SCARY!!!!
    You've got my vote, girl!

  • LOVE Jeanette's pumpkin!!! I think it was ingenious!

    All these nasty comments...really???

  • Come on Janette - the decoupage is for sure worth second place...yes Bobby is wonderful - he is a costume artist...but the decoupage - something I can do!
    Go Stranga friend

  • Love, love, love Jeanette's pumpkin. It says "Fall" to me! You've got my vote. xoxo

  • Debbie - Is your comment necessary other than being incredibly rude and mean-spirited? It's Halloween for starters and this is a Martha Stewart contest so seriously, try working on a good attitude. And how was the pumpkin not in the spirit of Halloween? It's a pumpkin ... that was decorated .... like the contest stated and she clearly put time into it (but then again you probably don't listen to Rosie Radio which is why you find it necessary to be mean). Good job Janette!

  • Jeanette .... I love your pumpkin. I'm not age-ist. :-) I think it's cool & creative.

  • I really enjoy Jeanette's pumpkin! It's truly beautiful, so Jeanette, don't you listen to any of the negative comments! The fact that you used actual wallpaper from the house you grew up in makes it even more special. It's lovely. You should do something similar with the wallpaper in 2D that you can frame and hang in your home...

  • Jeannette, I love your pumpkin, totally creative! I love you on Rosie, one of the main reasons I listen.

  • Love Janette's Pumpkin! Her responses on Rosie today (10-21) were priceless and brought me here to vote AGAIN!!! I love your sass!

    I Love you guys on rosie Radio and listen everyday!! :)

    I voted for Bobby too... ;)

  • Janette's pumpkin has a dark "Picasso" kind of feel to it. It is definitely a one of a kind and has a scary Halloween feel to it, like there is someone hiding behind it ready to jump out a grab you!

  • Janette's is so different and the best.. Don't let anyone trash your creativity!

  • I love Bobby's pumpkin but I love Jeanette's to. So long as someone from ROSIE Radio wins, I'm good to go. THAT SHOW FREAKIN ROCK and STOP being mean to Jeanette people. I don't see any of YOUR talent on here.

  • Heard Rosie and all talking about the pumpkin contest so I checked it out. Jeanette, your pumpkin is great. I've never seen one like that. I ended up voting for the caterpillar one because I have two little boys and that's just where I'm at in my life, but I love the creativity of using wallpaper. Thanks for keeping me entertained (and sometimes frustrated as we don't always share the same POV... but I keep coming back to listen :) )

  • Jeanette's rocks. Its new and different. Love it.

  • Granny's pumpkim omg
    it roxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Janette's pumpkin is the prettiest one I have ever seen. What a beautiful idea to dress it up instead of massacre-ing it. Love it. Original.

  • I think Jeanette's pumpkin is really sweet! I like the gold touch. I feel like it should just self combust into delicious pumpkin/cinnamon cookies.

  • I vote for Mindy! We love her!

  • Oh my goodness Janette!!! I am so impressed with your pumpkin. I was sure I was going to vote for Bobby, but now I can't. My vote goes to you. Everyone here should vote for Janette's decoupaged pumpkin. Great job!

  • Love Freaky Angelique, awesome! I vote for Mary! Love ya Mary!

  • Wow, doesn't Rosies team have their stuff together.I really love them. Jeanette don't be so offended. Some people taste are in their feet.Your pumkin is just as good as everyone elses. Whats with the kid in the pumpkin. That took almost no skill at all. Love you Janette! You are a awesome person.

  • Debbie maybe you are the creep!!!

  • Jannette, while I appreciate your design and your passion for your design, Bobby's really is the best. Had time off from work today and got to hear the show. I was LMAO at you all. Hey, at least Bobby is part of your team. That freaky thing made by the angel lady could be winning.

  • Janette,Thank you for referring
    to my comments on today's show-&
    for saying that not all Debbies are mean.
    (We're not!) That was awesome!

    Even if you don't end up winning or
    placing 2nd or 3rd in this contest,you
    are already a winner!And so are
    we--by introducing you to her fans,Rosie
    shares you with us every day.You are
    so unique and so talented--sweet yet
    sarcastic;old-fashioned yet urbane.
    And so utterly charming--
    Just like your pumpkin!

  • Loved the decoupage, but Bobby's is more in the "Halloween" mode. Both are terrific!

  • i thought they were all good, but some put more into the contest than others. i was torn between mary o and bobby's so i went to my better half and she went for the snowman.

  • Janette! Stunning. And recycling the flavor of your farmhouse is brilliant. I have to say, I thought I would lean right to Bobby's but you completely won me over. (P.S. - the caterpillar is a bit creepy for me but I applaud the effort of multiples). So there you go! Enjoy and Win.

  • Beautiful and whimsical. Such a wonderful idea! I would love to have a few around my home for the holiday. Well done!

  • I LOVE Janettes! So thoughtful and pretty. Love how much thought she put in to it. Good Job Janette.

  • I vote for Janette's lovely pumpkin. It is beautiful! It reminds me of the farmhouse I grew up in Minnesota.I like that it has her history, and shows us all a side of her we only hear about. Janette, you are beautiful, funny and very generous!

  • Mary's FREAKY Pumpkin is the BEST!!!! This is what Halloween should look like! LOVE IT!!!

  • Mary O your pumpkin truly represents the meaning of Halloween.

  • I love Mary's pumpkin. It is freaky like Halloween should be portrayed and it is creative. Love ya Mary. You are awesome!

  • Mary, Great job on Freaky Angelique, thank you for all your help.

  • Mary O rocks the world!! I love your pumpkin, your energy, your spirit and your incredible generosity. You created a pumpkin that so perfectly reflected the theme of your show and zany personality that deserve to win. Your fans love you, but I think many of them are driving to work, school etc so maybe they are not at their computer? I do know they all LOVE you!

  • I LOVE Mary O...her pumpkin is awesome. I have been voting for her since I first heard about it this week. Thank you Mary for all you do!!!!

    Sending you "white light of love" from Jacksonville FL-

  • LOVE your pumkin Mary O!! You are the best!! Good Luck!

  • All the pumpkins deserve a "ATTA BOY" for effort, BUT - I see more CREATIVITY in MARY O'S...I really like the inch worm one, BUT MARY'S TAKES THE CAKE. If there was a category here, I see 2...HOMEY AND SPOOKY, thus I see more creativity in "FREAKY ANGELIQUE" .... Halloween is the spooky time and Martha Stewart can have spooky with out scaring the kiddies. This contest is of balance, FREAKY ANGELIQUE is far the BEST IN CREATIVITY....You Go Mary O...

  • Go Mary.

  • Mary O, thanks for reminding me what Halloween is all about. Stay freaky...Love ya!

  • Mary, great job!

  • Mary O, not only are you an artist, but a darn great one too...

  • You go Mary!!! Freaky was the right choice!

  • Mary, you are a unique person that brings me the sense of life during the week. You are an amazing host in your radio show and you have proved yourself to be an amazing artist. Good Luck Mary O.

  • Mary, AMAZING!!!

  • Mary, you got a Winner. I hope that you win this contest because you pumpkin truly is a symbol of Halloween. Love you Mary...

  • That's the best freakin pumpkin I've ever seen Mary O !

  • Mary, that is the best freakin pumpkin to go with the best freakin show on Radio :0

  • Mary O you are the winner in my book!

  • Mary O. I am speechless! Love it!

  • Mary O. you have truly captured the spirit of Halloween. Thanks for all you do for us loyal listeners. Love you from Texas.

  • Mary O. from your #1 fan, you did us proud.
    Love you Mary....

  • Love your freaky pumpkin, Mary! Your show inspires me every morning!

  • I love Janette's pumpkin, it looks fabulous and I think that was a different and unique way to do a festive pumpkin. Thanks Janette I want to make one for my house also.

  • I just love Mary Ochino's pumpkin. Her Mary's Freaky Angelique is a angel and we all need a angel. I love the colors she used, especially the purple as purple is my favorite color.

  • My most favorite is Freaky go Mary O!!!!

  • My 13mo old son, Mason, and I are huge fans of Kids Place Live & The Absolutely Mindy show. She is doing a wonderful job campaigning for her pumpkin... so we are here to VOTE!!

  • Mary O was certainly the most creative at this task. Love you Mary!

  • Mary O, what an awesome pumpkin!!! Your hard work paid off. Luv you more:)

  • We love Mindy's pumpkin! I want one just like it except mine would have a little girl named Sara in it. ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!

  • We love Mindy's pumpkin! I want one like it, but with a little girl named Sara in it. It's ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!

  • Mary 0 your punkin is the best freaky punkin of the bunch. We love you Mary.

  • Mary O keep up the good work!!!

  • Love all the pumpkins especially Angelique!!!!

  • Mary O ...has a great show
    Her freakin talents are more than you'll ever know

    As she listens carefully to every call
    Her "awakened instints" bring her "beyond these four walls"

    She's warm and funny
    As she makes peoples'lives sunny

    Serius must know
    there's no one better than Mary O

    "There's no such thing as coinsidence"...
    Because Mary's the BEST freakin thing that ever happened to Serius.

    Paula from LI xoxo

  • Show Mary O (Angels on Call) some love!
    Vote for Freaky Angelique pumpkin!

  • Janette your pumpkin is special because it's part of your history. Let the negative comments roll off your back! You did a good job:)

  • Mary O is the best! We love Angels on Call!

  • I think Janettes is very pretty but not very Holloween.. I voted for Mary's again.. I love you Mary!!!!

  • I love Janette's pumpkin...second favorite is the catapillar and then Bobby's.

  • Freaky Angelique is the best pumpkin because it was designed by Mary O...who does have the best freaking show on Sirius. Angelique was made with much detail and is the most beautiful pumpkins in the patch. Thank you Mary O for all that you do and for your contributions that help people live a more positive life.

  • My absolutely awesome vote goes to Absolutely Mindy for her absolutely cutest pumpkin ever!

  • Mary O ad her pumpkin are the best !!!!

  • the freakier the better... thanks mary o. for the fright

  • The best pumpkin by far is Mary's Freaky Angelique. Very original, shows off Mary's creativity. And yes, Mary is a STAR!

  • Mary O's pumpkin says HALLOWEEN and doesn't whisper about it!

  • Love Janette on the show, big fan! That pumpkin is so cool I would keep it out all year. Love that retro look!

  • Janette hands down RUINS Rosies daily radio show- I find Janette to be so bitter, depressing and all around black cloud.

  • Janette rocks and she is a great part of rosie radio and makes me laugh every day. I think you have it completely wrong 'JAM'. You sound like the black cloud to me, not trying to be rude but sheesh.

  • "FREAKY ANGELIQUE" .... Halloween is the spooky time and Martha Stewart can have spooky with out scaring the kiddies. This contest is of balance, FREAKY ANGELIQUE is far the BEST IN CREATIVITY....way to go Mary love you and your show

  • I like Mary O's because it's about Halloween and pumpkins should look a little freaky or scary.

  • I love Angels on Call - and the unexplained hour!! Freaky Angelique all the way!! Way to go Mary!! Cool decorated pumpkin!! Love you Mary - you are the reason I wanted to renew my subscription to Sirius!!

  • ATTENTION ALL OF MARY O FOLLOWERS: Vote for her pumpkin Mary's Freaky Angelique

  • Janette.. Nice Job!

  • Janette's is my favorite and I love Mindy's show so much but Janette's is super interesting and inventive!

  • The trailing gold stem fragment really makes Janette's pumpkin!

  • I have been listening to you guys talk about this for days and I finally went to look at the pumpkins. I love Janette's pumpkin. I am a crafter myself and I love it. Different is better. I love it. I voted for it and I hope it wins. I will vote again. I love listening to you guys, so real and down to earth.


  • After hearing all of the negativity surrounding Janette's pumpkin while listening to Rosie Radio every morning, I was surprised to come here today and find that the lovely vintage-inspired floral decoupaged pumpkin was in fact the same one being ridiculed. One of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe sums up my feelings very well, "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." You go Janette! xo Robyn

  • Who said Janette's pumpkin is not scary? It is scary to think she kept that wallpaper for all those years. LOL I voted for you Janette! I like it

  • I thought based on comments from radio show that Janette's pumpkin would be ugly, but it is actually very pretty! I do like the catepillar and Bobby's, but I voted for Janette b/c it is definitely original

  • Loved Janette's so much, I had to blog about it:

  • Janette's is the best by far! I was so moved by your elegant work of art because it has a sweet nostalgic magical quality to it. Excellent job!!

  • I think Janette's pumpkin is very creative. Something you'd see as part of a centerpiece in a elegant restaurant. Very very pretty. Creative. GO JANETTE!!

  • Janette's pumpkin is quite lovely, I love the strips with the dates etc. It's actually the only piece of art here, the rest are decorations and nice, but Janette's says something and, like all great art, illicits a lot of controversial conversation and debate. Look above, most of the comments are about Janette's pumpkin, based on this alone she should win. Perhaps there should be an award for the one that gets the most votes and another for the one most commented on.

  • Sorry Janette...I Voted for Bobby's...Rosie is right the mis-matched lines just do not do it for me, plus its not very Halloween.

  • Janette's pumpkin: perfect blend of Rosie and Martha Stewart. What more could you want? You go It's a good thing..

  • Oh My Lord...Janette's pumpkin is awesome! The gold stem is great and it fits Janette....I freaking love it.

  • Halloween is all about being scary and Mary's Freaky Angelique is the BEST!!! Love you more! Rhonda (Georgia)

  • I really liked both Paulie's and Bobby's pumpkins. Paulie's seems the most complex but I voted for Bobby's because it is spookier and has some great carving work.

  • Hi Janette, I really like your decoupage with that vintage wall paper... golden paint looks just amazing. The other one I liked was Mary's but even though I'm listening to her show often I'm giving you my vote because you taking it so personally.I feel you totally deserve the price...whatever it is))...and because you don't like children and Halloween, I think, you deserve a special nomination for putting so much effort in it and parting with 3 feet of precious wall paper)) Good luck! go Janette!

  • Love Mary O's pumpkin. It catches the spirit of Halloween and is absolutely freakin great.

  • I just wanted to say that I love how much attention this is getting on Rosie Radio! Who knew some of the best marketers for Martha would be the Rosie crew :) I love Janette's and I voted for her because I think she is really hurt by some of the comments on here. I really think Janette should relax though and realize she went a lot further than painting a pumpkin and actually decorated it in a way that gave new purpose to it. Great job!

  • Freaky Angelique is the best I love you Mary I lisent to you everyday.

  • I love listening to you all fight over this on Rosie Radio...My family is crazy for "Mindy" but i do like Jannettes the best..Really wish I could have seen Weenies before you all ate it !

    ps i'm addicted to candy corn going into sugar

  • Jeanette, You out did your self. Hoping you win. Your talent represents the depth of your talent and personality. Good Luck!!!

  • I love Jeanette's the most original and she is so much fun to listen to on Rosie. Love the whole crew. Don't leave the radio!

  • Jeanette...what were you thinking...are you still smoking the weed?

  • Jeanette...what were you thinking?

  • But Jeanette gonna vote for you anyway!

  • I loved both Jeanette and Bobby's pumpkins.
    Bobby's pumpkin have halloween written all over it.
    Jeanette's pumpkin is as unique as she is, trust me we want fine another one like it on the face of the earth. Halloween is very special to me because October 31, 2010!! My 80 year old mother will be celebrating her 10th anniversary of being breast cancer free, thank GOD!!!! for mammograms. I love Rosie Radio and I wish the team and their families much love and happiness.
    God Bless

  • Is there any question that Bobby's is the best???
    come on really look at the details in this thing, the time and effort put into something like that is above and beyond crafty.
    hands down on this one.
    Bobby great great job. And I love that you're so modest on the air. You don't need to campaign beg or solicit votes or make a fool of yourself like.... well
    your talent really shines.
    good job
    my vote is for BOBBY!!

  • mary o has the best because lots of love into the pumpkin love you more mary

  • mary has the best freakin pumpkin

  • Mary O - Thanks for your help this morning! My vote's for your Angelique pumpkin .......... You are the coolest, freaking lady on radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do every day. Karma back at ya!

  • Mary's "Freaky Angel" pumpkin shows creativity and hard work, for sure! Good job, Mary!


  • Mary O's is the best freakin pumpkin!

  • I love Mary O's pumpkin. She put in a lot of time and effort. You can see it as soon as you look at hers. What a job she did! Almost as good as her Sirus morning show. I love her even more. Thank you Mary for everything. Especially that pumpkin. You should be very proud.

  • Love the caterpillar! Great way to think outside the box. Wish I thought of it! Who said you have to carve a pumpkin on Halloween!

  • I love Mary O & felt badly that she was feeling hurt that her listeners weren't voting more for her pumpkin. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rosie, always have, always will, so would have loved to vote for her "people". But, I have to be true to myself, & my favorite was the caterpiller! Can I vote more than once? If so, I will vote at least three more times because it's evident that all of you worked so hard to produce your creative best! They're all brilliant!

  • Janette's is the best... I guarantee you she spent more time on that than all of these combined... GREAT JOB Janette... Janette is the funniest person on the show!

  • I tried calling in the other day.. I was gonna give you guys advice on how to keep a pumpkin to last longer. After carving your pumpkin... and once your totally done.. Spray it with bleach water.. it will keep the pumpkin lasting at least a week longer..

  • I think Jeanette's pumpkin is really pretty. It is reminiscent of the "old days" and I think it is gorgeous. It makes me smile.

  • Freaky Angelique ROCKS!!!

  • Freaky Angelique Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go Mary,go Mary, Go, Go!!

  • Janette & Bobby - the greatest! I'm voting for Janette so we can take first and second. And as for Debbie... I guess you never learned to not say anything if you can't say something nice. Everyone worked hard on their pumpkins. The idea is to vote on the one you like best, not tear apart the ones you don't like.

  • Hooray for Freaky Angelique, she has Charm and Charisma! Bravo Mary O , You created the winning Pumpkin! Love you and Love your show and Thank you for helping all your callers and listeners!

  • Come on all Mary O's listeners and Vote for her Freakin Angelique!!! Vote every day!

  • I love Mary's Angelique! The wild angel look rocks! Happy Halloween!

  • Don't let the negative comments discourage you. Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself! I loved Janette's stunning and classy decoupage pumpkin with the gold stem. She should sell these! But, I had to vote for Bobby's snow witch. I really enjoyed all of spooky details and the heighth. Great for sitting on the front porch and just the right height for little ones to stare into the spooky face! Loved the spider buttons. Great job everyone and thanks for participating.

  • Janette - after all the "old lady" pumpkin comments I actually pulled up the web site and VOTED FOR YOUR pumpkin! I like it very much...and if it wasn't a pumpkin, it would be a lovely "year round" orniment. Good Job!

  • Love Mary's. She put many hours of hard work in to do it. Go Mary!!!!!

  • calling all Angels on Call and the universe listeners and callers...Mary O's Freakin Angelique is calling out to us...VOTE for our Angel! Love you Mary :)

  • Mario's raven is my favorite. It's creepy, artistic, and well done! Perfect for sitting on the porch on a cool, quiet, Halloween night!

  • Amelie and Taeo LOVE Mindy's Pumpkin - Why...because it is totally ORGANIC! The best nature has to offer! xx

  • I love the Rosie radio pumpkins. Now I know what you guys are talking about each day. Janette's is awesome. Bobby's is creative. I just can't decide on who's is better. But I did vote on Janette's. Sorry, Bobby.

  • I think this competition was a great idea, and all the participants did a great job. They should all be commended for their efforts. Personally, I voted for Mary's Freaky Angelique. I love the mix of fun and scary.

  • Ok.. my name is Angelique and i kinda resemle the freaky version after a LONG night but still think Pauls caterpiller is the most creative so he gets my vote.

  • Jeanette love your pumpkin!! The other pumpkins are also lovable. I like yours because to it represents your love of the past. To me pumpkins are not a symbol of halloween, but of fall. I don't like to see them a scary and goolish. Koodos to you and all the other creative entries.

  • PUH-LEEZE!!! I've been listening to Mindy's show hearing she's behind & others voting for different pumpkins. Mindy's is BY FAR the cutest!!! Sorry Janette, your pumpkin looks like it took 2 seconds, and the "Angelique" pumpkin...not much to comment about. Mindy, Mindy, MINDY!

  • Love Janette's pumpkin. Very classic and absolutely original. If there were a close second, I would say I like Dr. Marty's very elaborate carved pumpkin. Good job Janette and good luck!

  • I voted for you, Janette! Looks like you'll get the silver!!

  • compaired to the others you are the winner / lock and load my friend

  • I love Janette's! ( jb:) )

    super pretty and wow
    what lovely paper*
    i think the paper is haunted ! LOL, in a good way *


    Debbie breath , dont be so upset! my goodness*
    your kind of spooky*

  • Janette get real!!! your not that fast

  • Janette, SILVER HAHAHAI don't think so!

  • AND..........You LOST!

  • [...] to Rosie Radio’s Bobby Pearce and his Halloween Snowman pumpkin for winning the first annual MSLR Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Rounding out the top three were Paul Kodila and his caterpillar-inspired creation followed by [...]

  • I vote for you Mary!

  • Dear Debbie, Janette didn't lose. She came in on a very close third place. Besides that, I would say on originality she was a first place. Wins in my book.

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