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Rockapella LIVE on "Morning Living"!

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We had a truly amazing musical performance on "Morning Living" earlier today when Rockapella stopped by to talk food jingles with Betsy and guest co-host Sunny Anderson. A few listeners chimed in with some of their favorites, and the guys in the group sang a few of their own too! Check out the videos below.

Rockapella performs one of their most famous food jingles:

Rockapella performs the title track from their new CD, "Bang!":

Rockapella records a special jingle for the upcoming Martha Stewart Living Radio Thanksgiving Hotline. They recorded this song just for us!:

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  • I just have to say what a breath of fresh out Sunny Anderson is! She's a joy to listen to in the morning. I'm so glad you brought her back for the whole week!

  • Awesome to see Rockapella on here! They rocked the house!

  • I like th new Holiday Poast Pork recipe. My question is;Can apple juice or cider be substituted for the wine. We consume no alcholic beverages. Thank You and Merrt Christmas, Happy New Year. Suzen.

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