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Seasonal Pies from Sisters Who Bake

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Emily and Melissa Elsen, co-owners of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, are serving up seasonal pies on "Living Today." Not only is this sister-act sharing their recipes LIVE on the radio at 3p.m. ET/12p.m. PT, but they're also featured in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  Want to try their seasonal pies? Click here to download the recipe for their famous Salted Caramel Apple Pie and let us know if you try to make it!

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  • Emily & Melissa Elsen are my nieces, I knew their Grandmother who taught them, and their mother Mary, who kept it alive. My brother Ron backed them. Everything I've read in magazines (with great pride)is factual. These girls don't even know how to lie. What you see is what you get. Their talent is a gift. I can't do what they do. They're phenomenal. Their Dad, Ron, is very reserved, as most SD people are, but I can brag! With abandon! I'm their Aunt, and I say they make the make the pies you've ever tasted!!

  • since I have lived in SD most of my life,I'm curious where in SD they grew up (the sister act)

  • since I have lived in SD most of my life, I'm curious where in SD they lived. (the sister act)

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