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Are You a Wine Expert? Test Your Skills!

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Red wine is best when served at what temperature? What’s a good white to pair with my desserts? What should I do if I don’t have the appropriate glasses for both white and red wine?  With the holidays fast approaching, it’s inevitable that you’ll be greeted with a handful of party invitations in the coming weeks. Whether you are playing host or simply attending a holiday celebration, it’s never a bad idea to brush up your wine knowledge.

Take our quiz to determine if you've achieved sommelier status and are ready for the holidays or if you need to spend a little more time reading our Wine 101 tips.

If you have any specific questions about serving your guests over the holidays, be sure to call our Thanksgiving Hotline and speak with Christophe Tassan, the resident sommelier for Cote du Rhone wines. Christophe will be live on Monday, November 22, from 3-4 p.m. ET taking all your wine-related questions.

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  • This is entertaining, but the questions have several misspellings ('alcohal?') and some of them are so ambiguous or clumsily worded, answering them correctly is impossible. Bottles of wine are said to have anywhere from four to six or even eight glasses in them, depending on the size of the pour. So how can you say how many calories are in a glass without specifying the ounces? Also, *all* French wines say what region they are from....

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