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Kombucha Tea - Trend to Ride Out or Wait Out?

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You can actually make your own kombucha. Find out how.

The other day we spoke with Kathy Taylor from Vibranz Beverages, makers of kombucha tea, which they call a "raw, organic, probiotic beverage." She explained that it's basically green tea, sugar, and a bacteria culture which feasts on the sugar, ferments the product, and creates gut-friendly probiotics.

You might have heard some of the controversy around kombucha, when Whole Foods pulled it from their shelves (all kombucha products) because, after some testing, some had been found to have a high alcohol content--more than the 0.5 percent required for drinks sold not as alcoholic--and in fact as high as some beers!

Kombucha is a tough thing to measure because so much of it is handmade in small batches, so product can be inconsistent across the board. Also, bear in mind that while this is not necessarily a harmful drink in any way, it could be if you have sensitivity to alcohol, and it's not been proven to cure/address any ailments. The Mayo Clinic says on its site that there's no proof that kombucha delivers on its claims.

Still, some people advocate so hard for it that it's enough to make one curious--especially if you think adding probiotics to your diet could help you out in the digestion department.

Whole Living published a story this year on how to make your OWN kombucha. If you make it, let us know what you think--or weigh in with your own YAY or NAY vote on kombucha tea. Let's say, I've heard it's an acquired taste.

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  • Making kombucha is as easy as making yogurt and I regularly make both. Both have safety requirements including such things as washing your hands, properly washing everything you use (a dishwasher will do) and other such common-sense sanitary procedures. Now how hard can that be?

    After struggling for decades to get my weight under the "morbidly obese" level, I have lost 15 lbs just eating home-made yogurt and home-brewed kombucha over the past 6 months or so along with my regular meals.

    Kombucha does not have to taste nasty... just mix it with some fruit juice or other such additives and if it is too sour for you, add a bit of baking soda and and also some Splenda. I also add some Crystal Lite powder - usually cranberry or pomegranate flavors.

    I make no claims as to the benefits of either yogurt or kombucha. All I know is that I feel great and am finally getting the weight off.

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