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Fun and Easy New Year's Eve Snacks from Jamie Gwen

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We’re celebrating the end of the year, with one of my favorite guests from 2010!  Jamie Gwen, author of "Good Food for Good Times to the Second Power," is always ready with easy, homemade recipes that will impress your friends and family. Think you need to go all-out?  Think again. You can fool everyone around you with these fancy, but simple dishes. Today, Jamie brought us Bacon Cheese Popcorn, Butterscotch Almond Popcorn, Chocolate Cinnamon PopcornOreo Cookie Truffles, and Pumpkin Soup.  Don’t worry…you can start your healthy resolutions in 2011! Indulge for one last time in 2010!

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  • Thanks to Chef Jamie for the great popcorn recipes and her food predictions for 2011. I was disappointed, however, that she said that the "local" food trend will play out next year. If that is the case, then the chefs/restaurants that are sourcing local and sustainable food just to be trendy have missed the point. The goal of obtaining sustainable sources for food is to ensure we will have a good food supply in the future. Also, it just tastes better.

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