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How do You Like Your Huevos?

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Let's just come right out and admit it-- eggs, here in the U S of A, can be a tad boring. Sure, we've got our sunny-side up and our scrambled and even our occasional ham-and-cheese omelet, but high-profile flavor and spice aren't exactly the name of the game when your average American Joe cracks an egg into a frying pan.

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Yes, there is much to be said for the breakfast traditions of our Mexican neighbors to the south, who start their mornings off with huevos rancheros--sunny-side up eggs perched on a tortilla smothered with tomatillo salsa, black beans, guacamole and crema, or huevos Choriqueso-- scrambled eggs mixed together with chorizo and soft white queso Chihuahua. Today on "Morning Living," Mexican native Chef Barbara Sibley shared two of her favorite ways to wake up her mouth with spicy Mexican-style huevos-- and we have to say, we're not sure if we'll ever go back to plain old eggs and toast again. Here are her recipes: Huevos Choriqueso and Huevos Rancheros Con Dos Salsa Verdes.

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