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50 (and More) Ways to Use Chocolate on "Morning Living"

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For Valentine's Day, "Morning Living" asked listeners to help us make a list of 50 creative uses for chocolate. But since you did such a great job, we not only made it to 50, but made it past last year's goal of 60! We also gave away some great cookbooks to random callers who shared their ideas with us. After you look at our list, you can find out how you can win another great prize below!

1) Fight migraines
2) Made medicine taste better
3) On ice cream
4) In chili (once again, our most popular suggestion)
5) Ganache
6) Bonbons
7) Mole
8 ) In a bowl
9) Dip cookies in chocolate
10) Peanut butter on crackers, then dipped
11) Chocolate chip pancakes
12) Dirt pie
13) S'mores
14) Grated on butternut squash (Lisa in GA won a prize for this one!)
15) Nut covered chocolate chip pretzels
16) Cocoa powder in coffee
17) Truffles
18) Chocolate/nutella panini
19) Chocolate banana bread
20) Mini brownies ("Treasures")21) Gift for a friend
22) Chcoclate pudding cake
23) Hot cocoa with Chambord and Frangellico
24) Chips in trail mix
25) On popcorn
26) Chocolate espresso
27) Chocolate syrup on waffles
28) Mints
29) Chocolate on a kaiser roll
30) Egg cream
31) Homemade pops
32) Taffy
33) Frosting
34) Shape a bowl for ice cream
35) Facial
36) Chocolate fountain for dipping
37) Coffee spoons
38) Fondue
39) Chocolate covered fruit
40) Chococlate covered pretzel sticks
41) Magic shell
42) Chocolate milk
43) Peanut butter cups
44) Chips in oatmeal
45) Smoothie
46) Chocolate dipped graham crackers
47) Chocolate frosted flakes bars
48) Painting with chocolate
49) Cocoa powder as a pork rub (Judy in FL won a prize!)
50) White chocolate covered bugles
51) Chocolate dipped candy canes
52) Frozen chocolate bananas
53) Chocolate covered marshmallow skewers
54) Chocolate and cream cheese on toast
55) Chicken fried steak with chocolate gravy
56) Baked beans and chocolate
57) Polish for metal to make campfires
58) Chocolate with banana chips and almond butter
59) Chocolate cheesecake
60) Martini
61) Chocolate salt
62) Wrap an invitation around a chocolate bar
63) Reward
64) Candy cakes
65) Add to stew

Want to win another great prize from "Morning Living?" Just email us your favorite use of chocolate and a photo of the result to we'll feature your photo and recipe on our blog.

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