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Babycakes Does Gluten-Free Right

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Erin on "The Martha Stewart Show"

In recent years, it seems like the number of people diagnosed with a gluten allergy or sensitivity has risen exponentially. With that, so too has the availability of gluten-free options. While the thought of gluten-free pizza and cupcakes is quite honestly unappetizing, it turns out, there are tons of super delicious varieties out there thanks to people like Erin McKenna. Using ingredients like garbanzo–fava bean flour, agave nectar, and coconut oil, Erin has mastered the art of creating fabulous sweet treats void of gluten, wheat, refined sugar, eggs, and dairy.

After discovering food allergies and eliminating wheat, dairy, and refined sugar from her diet a few years ago, Erin set out on a mission to come up with cupcake, brownie, and cookie recipes that would satisfy the sweet tooths of vegans and others who suffer from the same allergies. She then founded Babycakes, a bakery located in New York City's Lower East Side, which was followed by a bakery in Los Angeles, another in Disney World, and a book! Sounds like the former fashion assistant made a pretty good decision with this career change.

Sharing her gluten-free baking tips and recipes for Agave Brownie Gems and Blondies, Erin joined us on "Living Today" this afternoon.

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