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Chocolate-Lover, Locavore Dream: The Chocolate Nation Visits Whole Living with Treats!

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To celebrate Chocolate Week on Martha Stewart Living Radio, we at Whole Living were more than happy to sample a few delectable cocoa treats from, a sort of locavore-slash-chocolate-fiend's dream come true, as they feature artisanal chocolates made right here in the USA. Founder Grace Lissauer was kind enough to come with a few samples of what's hot in the chocolate world.

We tasted some fresh and surprising flavor combos, including:

  • Garam Masala - which has cardamom, cumin, cinnamon (comes with a kick)
  • Dark chocolate with Pistachio Date (yummy pistachio cream and juicy dates)
  • Dark Chocolate with Sesame fig
  • Dark chocolate with Mexican ancho chili and tangerine ganache (orangey cream, in a creamy dark chocolate cone-shaped bon bon)
  • Goats Milk Caramel (this was rich and delish)
  • Mango dipped in bittersweet chocolate (need we say more)

If you want to buy someone some chocolate, why not support local / domestic artisans and get them something a little different and above and beyond in terms of quality than anything you can get at a drug store.

Read more about thechocolatenation on Whole Living Daily.

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