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Janette Barber Hosts "Living Today"

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If you've been listening to "Living Today" throughout the past few weeks, you've heard the variety of fantastic guest hosts that have joined us. Today (and throughout the week) "Living Today" was hosted by Janette Barber, executive producer for Rosie Radio, author, and comedian. Janette not only brings with her an impressive background in television and radio, but more importantly, she's got a ton of sass, a great sense of humor, and definitely had me laughing out loud today in my very quiet office here at MSLO.  Throughout the afternoon, Janette chatted with comedian Kevin Meaney, wealth advisor Bradford M. Pine, and host of DIY Network's "Mega Dens" Anitra Mecadon. Click below to listen to Janette's conversation with one of her fave comedians Kevin Meaney.

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  • Janette is WONDERFUL as host of "Living Today". I want to start listening to this show again. Last year it was so ... well...., I had to stop listening, as the host drove me crazy. Hope Janette will continue.

  • PLEASE spare me the nonsense! Where is Mario and when is he coming back? Aren't we entitled to an explanation? I have stopped listening to Living Today and will not return until there is something relevant and interesting to listen to.

  • I'm in total agreement with you Kathleen. The same thing happened before Mario got here. The previous host Kerri Nolan disappeared off the face of the earth.. well at least was suddenly and unexplainably gone from Living Today. As faithful listeners to the show I think we deserve to be told what has happened. Even if it is just to say Mario decided to go on to other things-which I don't think is the reason.

    Martha-- Have common courtesy and give us an explaination!

  • I agree. The fans deserve to know what happened to Mario. If I wanted to listen to a comedian,I would listen to Rosie Radio. I, too , will not be tuning in to Living Today unless the old format is brought back along with an explanation of Mario's absence.

  • I for one have loved listening to Janette as host of Living Today. She is smart, well spoken, honest and funny. She is such a joy to listen to. I had stopped listening to this show after Kerri was no longer on. I would come back to listening if Janette stayed on full time.

  • I love the commentary that Janette offers. She should be a regular!

  • Mario here one week, gone the next. Show is definitely not the same.

  • I was going to ask please do not put janette on the show as a regular her style is just too much for three whole hours, but I am going to drop the best of sirus anyway. Living today with Mario Bosquez was the main reason I added the best of sirus anyway.

  • Where is Mario- the listeners need an explanation- Mario was great- I really hate the show now- I used to be regular listener- What have you ruined a great show??

  • I am so disappointed with Living Today. I have received my Martha subscription as a birthday gift from my husband. In the last month I have come very close to cancelling my subscription. Between the Whatever Show (which I find so distasteful and crass) to this circus show of hosts on Living Today. When Mario was hosting I found the show to be very interesting and very informative. I find all of these guest hosts to be very disappointing. Is Mario coming back? Is this the future of the Martha Stewart radio programming...pointless interviews that lack substance? Are we to expect a future line-up of hosts that either spend hours bragging about themselves and their resumes, interviewing random very scattered guests, or sometimes making me check if I am listening to the gay/lesbian channel or the Martha Stewart channel? I am glad to see I am not the only upset listener.

  • Sooo glad Mario is gone. I would always turn station when Living Today came on. However, the fill-ins have also been annoying! I hope they find someone good.

  • I thought Mario was on vacation! I have tried but cannot listen to Martha radio now - I love Mario! Everyday I tune in hoping to hear his voice, when I do not, I tune out!

  • Where is Mario?

  • I agree with you too, Kathleen. I can't stand to listen to the mindless babble that has been on since Mario "disappeared". I think we at least deserve an explanation for his absence. Janette Barber was absolutely awful as the guest host last week!

  • Where's super Mario - miss him terribly and
    wondering why this abrupt exit with no explanation?!

  • The subject matter of Mario's show was good, but it was so annoying that he involved engineers, producers, and other people not meant to be on the air in his broadcasts. Even more annoying was Mario's too frequent use of the phrase "...and so much more..."

  • I too would like to know what happened to Mario? Although I didn't enjoy him as much as I did Kerri Nolan...I still listened. Couldn't tolerate guest host Janette Barber. If these guest hosts are actually interviewing, please listen to your subscribers and don't put on someone like her. I want to hear about home living. Not about someone's root canal (only part I heard before I shut it OFF).
    Keep your listeners informed before we tune you out.

  • I agree .. I have stopped listening altogether .. what happened to Mario ?
    At least tell us what happened .. Janette Barber was not a food person .. it was awful !! ( is that a strong enough word?! ) -- she should never have been on a food show ..
    Please tell us the future & who will be the host moving forward.

  • Aside from the mystery of where Mario has gone to. I didn't not enjoy listening to Janette at all. I would try for a bit each day but it's not the same. I really like Jamie Gwenn and Sunny Anderson though.

  • I do not miss Mario that much but have wondered what happened.I personally have enjoyed all the guest hosts-especially Jamie.

  • Chef Jamie Gwen is the host this week and unfortunately she has a such a high opinion of herself and repeatedly mentions her qualifications. She does have a great radio voice and is a pretty talented interviewer. But she has to tone down her comments about herself.

  • Yes!!! Where is Mario? What happened to him? Have some respect for your listeners & address it!!! Maybe you can't say exactly what happened, but don't pretend nothing happened. I loved the show with Mario on it. He occasionally was a little over the top but seemed to genuinely be interested in everything. I have been trying it with the guest hosts but in general they are driving me nuts & I am turning it off repeatedly. Most have been have been way too impressed with themselves. Since when did "chef" become like "Dr."? I get it that it is not easy to become a chef but if you have to call yourself a chef every other minute, makes me start to wonder... Sunny Anderson has been the only decent guest host thus far, but I doubt she will be giving up her regular day job & also seriously doubt she has the broad range of appeal that Mario had. He knew a lot about a lot of things & showed great enthusiasm for learning more.
    We want our Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Mario dreadfully! Try to listen each day, but always end up changing over to music. Can't take the drivel and self-promotion...

  • Please bring back Mario...miss him terribly... loved his guests, recipes and stories...what happened..thought he was on vacation.

  • Where is Mario? We miss him. Last week was PAINFUL to listen to.

  • Hello,

    I agree with all of the posts regarding the disappearance of Mario. As listeners we deserve at least an announcement that a host will no longer be with the show. Now I've learned to check the "radio contributors" section of the MS website to see who is on vacation and who is gone for good. I noticed that Kim Fernandez was missing from Morning Living this week and there was no mention of her. Sure enough, her bio and photo are no longer on the website. I miss Mario (and still miss Kerri Nolan, who was fired), and I miss Kim Fernandez. I too no longer listen to Afternoon Living. I tune in for Maggie Mistal on Fridays, but that's it. I cannot stand the guest hosts who've been on Afternoon Livining. This stinks Martha!

  • I am in total agreement with most of the comments. I did not really care for Mario, but the guest hosts are no better. I am so tired about listening to guest hosts "ailments" and their self voiced accolades. Bring back Kerri Nolan. She was interesting and unassuming. Great Host!!

  • janette has found her nitch! radio is so her and her medium. granted she was filling in and I hope powers that be see her talent. she has so much experience to draw upon/from. besides all that, she is passionaate about finding her dream job behind a mic. put her on your team and surround yourself with good people! you go janette.

  • I feel the same way, about Kerri Nolan and Mario Bosquez. What did happen to them? When Kerri Nolan left I was very dissappointed, as I had just started listening to Martha Stewart Radio. I learned so much from her. Then now I had to listen to a painful week of whomever it was that was on. I hope he is just on vacation and will be back. But you are right, no mention, just gone? Doesn't seem right.

  • I agree. I am curious as to why the host just disappears, and the company acts like he/she never existed, all of a sudden new hosts with no explanation. It's a common courtesy thing. I would think Marth's company of all compaines would follow through with that courtesy. We realize it's non of our business any details, just if you have followed a show and host for years, it would be nice to know what's up when they just vanish into thin air.

  • I agree....I think that the listeners deserve an explanation of "where is Mario" Loved his show....listened everyday.

  • If you do a Google search for Kim Fernandez, you'll find a letter she wrote to her listeners. She has decided to move on & is now hosting a country radio station on Sirius. Good for her if that's what she wanted to do. Oddly enough though, if you search for Kim Fernandez on the Martha site, you get nothing.

    As for Mario, he's been removed from the Radio Contributors list & seems to have shut down his Facebook account on which he was always very active. He's just disappeared. I agree the fans are owed an explanation. I have enjoyed listening to some of the guest hosts (with the exception of Jamie Gwen who grates on my last nerve), and at first I thought there may have been something medical wrong with Mario to be out that long. At this point though, why not be honest & say he isn't returning. Personally, I think Sunny would make a great permanent host. I don't know if her schedule would permit it, but of everyone I enjoyed her personality the most. I can't take too many more rotations of Jamie. She does have some good information, but I agree with the previous poster that said she comes of as a know it all & full of herself. Her mannerism in speaking is distinct and ends every sentence in an odd drawn out yet super forceful manner. It is distracting.

  • I, too, had been wondering what happened to Mario and Kim. After looking around I found Kim's letter explaining her departure. I think that it is very odd that integral people simply disappear without explanation on the Martha Stewart website.
    I remember when Dr. Brent disappeared and it was only after reading his book that I heard any explanation. It does not seem like good business to simply have hosts disappear so completely.
    Can we listeners please have some light shed on whether Mario will be coming back? He seemed to love his job at MS. He is greatly missed; he was an intelligent, thoughtful host.

  • I also, have wondered what happened to Mario Basquez--I loved his program and listened faithfully, as he was always interesting and well informed--the "guest " hosts do not do the program justice. Please bring Mario back--afternoon radio is no longer "fun".

  • Missing Mario. So disappointed with the new programming and have been very unhappy with the lack of explanation for his disappearance. It would at least be nice to know if he's coming back or not.

  • I concur with everyone's comments on the gawdawful programming afternoons on MSL radio. If you don't bring Mario back, at least bring the format back. I travel many hours in my car and used to love, love, love when I'd listen to Living Today from 1 to 4. Not any more. Back to Hits 1 and Alt Nation.

  • Hate hTe hTe all the guest hosts. I agree with the others I miss Mario. We deserve an explanation if expected to stay loyal to MSL radio

  • I loved hearing Janette Barber today. I have always enjoyed her on Rosie.

  • Janette is very funny! I hope MSL keeps her in this spot. Her show yesterday was great on Shark mop and her guest Feng Shui expert Jayme Barrett (whose book I bought after hearing her) was excellent.

  • I am torn about Janette Barber. I find her content to be surprisingly informative, but her intense style is hair-raising.
    I am not torn about "ChefJamieGwenn". Then unceasing self-promotion got grating very quickly.
    Mario was okay, but I wasn't particularly attached to him. However, hosts do drop into a black hole in a disturbing way there. Please tell us what happened to them.

  • Not a fan of Janette AT ALL!

  • I listen to Jannette with Rosie and I love her there. I didn't like her on Living at first but now I adore her. Jannette is the best!!

  • I too, was wondering what happened to Mario and Kim. I now know that Kim is on another country show. I do not like the show in the morning without Kim, since I believe her to be truly funny and entertaining. I would like to know where Mario went also. Janete is good, but the lady who was the chef seemed a little to uppity and conceited. I think Mario was good. I think the very best show on Martha Stewart is Terri Trespicio on Whole Living. She is very funny, smart, and not uppity or stuck up, just down to earth and very enjoyable to listen to.

  • I too wish Mario and Kim were back. They were terrific.

  • I am really disappointed in the format of Living Today lately! Also, it's sad we don't know what happened to Mario. Then there's Jeanette Barber, I am sorry but I can't stand her on this show. She's a good talk show host but I didn't think this show was designed to be a talk show?? Sometimes I find myself thinking I don't care at all about the story she's telling, it has nothing to do with anything! It's the format of the show when Mario was hosting that I so enjoyed. I do like Sunny Anderson and Jamie Gwen, maybe because their focus is more food, which is what I like so much about Living Today!

  • Martha, tell us why Mario is not doing the show now!

  • When I heard that Janette was subbing on MSL while Rosie was on break, (with Pete to boot), I almost fell out of my car!! I called on Monday to subscribe to Best of Sirius only to hear with my own ears the trainwreck that this had to be.
    After listening to Janette on Rosie with her
    "Hating" of everything and everybody, her "F" this and "F" that. Her good deeds are done mainly in Congo or wherever, with the MMC but she won't lift a finger , much less speak to a stranger that she's lived next door to for 30 years, by her own admission, and today she is doing a segment on Random Acts of Kindness!!!! Can you say Hypocrite?
    Who is she trying to fool?

  • Missing Mario?? Actually don't miss Mario. I love all the morning shows!! Betsy and Sandy are terrific. Very pleasant when you call in and are very clear in their discussions and explanations. I am a foodie and find them to be the best!! Mario and the rest of the guest hosts recently have not been up to par, the station needs to find someone really good for the afternoon segment!! Please do so because I really enjoy Martha radio and tune in except for the afternoon falls short...

  • I really miss Mario. Please bring him back. However, I'd like to say that there is so much I enjoy about Martha Stewart Radio. Many good hosts, but Mario is very much missed, and I'm not just speaking for myself. Thank you for reading this. Smiles.

  • I've tried to give the guest hosts a chance but I still miss Mario and his informative, interested in his guests style. I keep finding myself channel surfing to get away from annoying hosts and if it weren't for Terri Trespicio and Sandy Gluck I wouldn't ever land on Martha Stewart Radio. I respect progress but I guess I hate change!

  • Janette is SO annoying that I can't listen to her anymore. She says "uh" between every 5 words and tries to crack jokes which she thinks are funny but really aren't. She also talks super fast like she's wired or something. I used to look forward to hearing Mario every day. Don't know if we'll ever find out what happened to him but Janette is definitely NOT the answer. I was a loyal listener but will definitely now be changing the channel after Everyday Food. Sorry Martha.

  • I am so glad that I have found that there are so many people who feel like I do. How can anyone replace Mario? He was a brilliant interviewer and gentleman.I have found myself listening to more FM & Dpoctor Radio!!! I will only listen to Terri Trespicio and Sandy Gluck. I cannot believe this has happened. We should ALL call Martha on her open mike, but of course we will get bleeped out and disconnected. Has nayone tried??? What a hugh disappointment. Is Martha Showing her true colors? Boy when Jennifer gets in trouble with the show, it gets fixed fast!!Lets keep trying..I love you Mario!!!!

  • John St. Augustine who was the guest host this week was very enjoybale and he actually listened to the guest, not take over. My husband even said he is very east to listen too.

  • So long, Janette! While she may be terrific in another venue, She is not a good fit for Living Today. I cannot relate to her whatsoever. And sadly, I agree that her delivery is very annoying. John St. Augustine sounds professional, patient, and offers wise and considered information. Unlike Janette who always sounds as if she just fell of a turnip truck. I'm sorry, Janette, you are probably a very wonderful person - but please, stick with Rosie.

  • I love Janette as the host of Living Today, hope to hear more of her soon!

  • Just sing Where in the wOrld is Ba dum dum Mario Bosquez?

  • Bring Kerry Nolan back. I was so disappointed when she left and the show hasn't been the same since. Mario was pretty good and some shows were very good. I haven't heard a fill-in since that I've enjoyed. The listeners have been treated with a lot of disrespect when hosts that have been a part of our daily lives just disappear.

  • I am an original Sirius radio subscriber. I used to listen to Martha channel all day. Now I can barely listen to 5 minutes without changing the channel. I loved Homegrown, but the new female host is an annoying know-it-all. I loved Kerri Nolan, poof...gone without explanation. I loved Eva Scrivo... poof gone without explanation. Mario Bosquez... poof gone without explanation. And don't get me started about Whatever. Whatever were you thinking by associating those crass and talentless women with MSLO? I know one is your daughter, but her sense of entitlement is beyond my tolerance level. I took the channel off my favorites. That's a big deal. It's no longer my go-to Sirius channel.

  • I have tried to listen to the replacement host for Mario and I can't anymore.
    Mario was a true gentleman, an interesting host and he had the ability to bring the listener into the topic. It felt like a friend was chatting with you in your own home. What a mistake MS made to get rid of such a gem!!

    You have lost a former devoted listener, Martha.

  • Aa I literally Googled to find Mario I found nothing current. When Kerri was gone I atempted to find her as well and the same thing happen. I have heard Kim on country radio but. why are the listeners left in the dark. A sentence or two on the website would have been nice.
    I listened today with the new host. I certainly will be looking for something else formy drive home.

  • Please let us know what happened to Mario. I loved listening to him- he was eloquent, compassionate and knowledgeable- great qualities in a host. I miss him and don't particularly enjoy the show anymore without him.

  • I listened to Mario every day on car-line waiting to pick up my kids... There were times I would even stay sitting in my car at my destination with the radio still on because I didnt want to miss anything!

    Mario ROCKS! He was a great interviewer and knew how to keep things interesting, new, and truly exciting. No one since has held my attention like Mario

  • I have listened the last few days to Living Today, to find Mario no longer there. Do you not realize he was Living Today. Don't we as listeners have a right to know whats happened to him. The show will never be the same without him. Please bring him back or at least tell us where we can find his new program,as I'm quite sure someone with some intelligence will have him hosting their show.

  • I loved Mario and no longer listen since his departure. The new show is intolerable. I also enjoyed Andrew Beckmann and Eva Scrivo.....they are gone as well. What in the world is going on? I'm sure she is a fine person but Sandy Glucks voice is just not right for radio. I am no longer a listener.

  • Happily, Mario has returned to Facebook. At least we can hear from him there. No reason given for his departure from MSLR, but at least we can keep up with his adventures. Bring him back Martha! I've never changed the station before, but find myself not in love with the new programming and will likely find something else to listen to...too bad...

  • I miss Mario. He is why I tuned into Martha Radio.

  • I cannot understand why Martha would ever think that the present host of Living Today could take Mario's place. The subject matter is so superficial. Mario was the most amazing interviewer. He was always prepared for his guests. I found his show so informative. I cannot believe what has happened to the program and the entire station. I have found new programing on Sirius. Very interesting how [powerfull Marth is that we cannot even find out his wherabouts. I hope he is well and has healed from this disturbing event in his life.

  • Bring Mario back. He added so much to my day. I'm missing his wit and commentary. Maybe he was too much competition?! He'll do well at whatever he does -- he's just that kind of individual.

  • I hate the new Living Today. Mario and Kerri Nolan were a joy to listenn to.
    So sorry to see the program go down the tubes

  • Seems as though Mario's replacement has also disappeared! He was awful! Bring back Mario!

  • Adorable Angela

  • Well, MSL radio has gone from bad to worse. "Encores" of the morning living show are on into the afternoon. Then "Ask Martha" is on every day, sometimes running the same show four or five times in a week or they will be from 3 years ago when nothing makes sense today. I can't believe I'm actually not listening anymore to this radio show. It's gone to hell in a hand basket. What in the world has happened??

  • I am so very disappointed with Martha Radio. This channel was the reason I added Best of Sirius and the internet option to my subscription. However, since Mario Bosquez's abrupt departure last February, it's been a steady downhill slide on this channel, culminating with the removal of all daytime shows except Morning Living. I enjoy Brian and Betsy, but 8 hours every day is too much, even of a good thing. I miss Living Today so much. Mario was the best, but he has moved on, and I wish him the best. His producer Chris was a very good host at the end of 2011, but he is gone, too. And, please, where oh where is Allan Katz and the Friday Cocktail Hour? I miss the Naturalist's Datebook and the Word of the Day -- I really did learn something new every day from those features. The new cooking show at 3 is not lively, and doesn't hold my interest. Please bring back the variety that made Martha such a vibrant channel. We listeners deserve so much more than reruns!

  • I completely agree! Not only are the shows repeated endlessly, the quality of guests on the few new shows has declined as well. The gardening people are gone too. I am angry that I paid a premium for this programming.

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