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Morning Living's 60 Motivating Workout Songs

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For a lot of folks, working out is a chore that provides no enjoyment other than the feeling of satisfaction that ensues after an hour of sweating. The monotonous motion of walking on the treadmill or doing bicep curls doesn't exactly scream fun but that's nothing that a little "Eye of the Tiger" or "Rock Your Body" can't cure. Having a playlist of motivating music on your iPod can actually make you workout pretty fun-- just think of it as your own little calorie-burning party where you get to be the DJ.

With a little inspiration from the Fitness Club that "Morning Living" co-host Kim Fernandez started at the beginning of the year, a listener suggested we compile a list of 50 great workout songs. Below is the list our listeners came up with. Just click on any of the songs to listen. If you have any suggestions of your own, email us and we'll add them to the list.  

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  • how can I down load to iphone?

  • In order to add these songs to your iPhone, you have to purchase each individual song through iTunes. Grooveshark allows you to listen to the songs on your computer but in order to add them to another device, you have to pay for them. Hope this helps.

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