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Workout of the Week: Squats

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This week, we're working on your glutes and thighs.

1. Stand with your feet about hip-distance apart. Your toes should be facing forward and knees are slightly bent. Pelvis is neutral, abs are engaged,  shoulders are back and down, and head is neutral.
2. Sit yourself down by bending your knees like you're sitting in an invisible chair. You're weight should be in your heels. As you stand back to the start, lift one knee to the front of your body at hip height. Then put your foot back down, do another squat. As you come back up, lift the opposite knee. This will tighten your glutes and the front of your thighs as well.

“Morning Living” co-host Kim Fernandez is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Each Monday, Kim invites listeners to join her in the “Morning Living” Fitness Club through which she provides eating and fitness tips to help members get in shape. Interested in joining the Fitness Club? Email us.

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