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On My Recent Trip to Aldea...

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How Martha was I recently?  On a dare from chef George Mendes, I recently dropped by NYC's Aldea to pay the chef a visit and hopefully sample some of his delicious food. Maybe he regretted it? I'm not sure, but he did offer a seat at the chef's table for dessert. It faces an open kitchen from which came some seriously awesome food - desserts in particular!  George promised to teach us to make the donuts which are a family recipe. They are  sugar and cinnamon crusted with chocolate and caramel-- as if that's not enough, they're dipped in one of several sauces: spiced chocolate, apple-quince compote, apple cider caramel.

Is that a promise George?!

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  • Wednesday 4/6/11 - Morning Living.

    Betsy had a woman on this morning talking about a brownie recipe.

    Who was she and how can I get the recipe?


  • [...] On a recent trip to Aldea, Betsy not only dined at the chef's counter (which offers a bird's eye view of the kitchen) but more importantly, she got to sample George Mendes' famous doughnuts or 'sonhos' as they are formally known. The executive chef at one of New York City's hottest restaurants grew up eating sonhos during the holidays and later decided to add them to the dessert menu at his restaurant. Earlier today, George joined us on "Morning Living" to share the secret behind these little pillows of goodness. [...]

  • Deep fry for 9 minutes?!

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