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Meet Brian Kelsey, the Newest Member of the "Morning Living" Team

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If you listened to "Morning Living" earlier today, you got a chance to listen to Brian Kelsey, the show's new co-host alongside Betsy Karetnick. Before Brian officially joined the show, we chatted for a few and I got to learn a little more about this carpenter/musician/radio host. 

Tell us a little bit about your family.
I've been married for 10 years to my wife, Jaimee. I have 2 boys-- Russ is 4 and Carter is 8.  I'm barely still married as there is continually a tarp of some sort around the house as I am always working on some sort of project. 

Where do you live?
Westport, CT...former Martha hometown.  Before she moved, I would always see the tv production trucks at her house.  I always wanted to knock on the door and ask her for some sugar.  You can imagine, I never actually did it.  

What are some of your hobbies?
I'm a musician in a working band.  I am a drummer but in this band, I play keyboard and guitar.  We are called "The Jaws." I have my private pilot's licence and I'm also a licensed skydiver. I'm obsessed with all things home, design, and renovation.  I love all tools, in fact, my workshop has taken over our two-car garage.  We now have no garage! Tickling my boys, I mean my kids.  Though I've been known to tickle my boys if they itch. :)  My laptop and phone are connected to me, literally.  I sleep with my phone..I kid you's an addiction! I am not a sports guy, but I LOVE THE METS!  I throw pitches in the backyard daily to practice and watch every game.

Have you worked in radio before? If so, where?
When I realized that I couldn't make my fortune as a carpenter, I started interning at a radio station while still doing carpentry and design.  I wore a 50 pound fox costume in July and stood on the side of the road waving to cars, promoting the radio station, "The Fox."  That was in 1990.  I worked my way up the radio ranks and by 1993, I became the creative director (voice of station and production) for a major NYC rock station.  Three year later, I moved across the street to K-Rock Radio and home of Howard Stern. I worked there for three years, then decided to go freelance working for Howard and other radio stations, as well as doing voice-overs for tv.

Here at Martha Stewart, we talk about food, a lot. What's your favorite thing to eat?
My only three beverages I consume are water, coffee, and beer. My favorite meal is a good old fashion BLT with french fries.  LAME, I know....

What's your most Martha moment?
I grew up on Martha. My sister and mom are mutations of Martha so my Martha moment is everyday.  That's all I know - doing things yourself.  Creating, building, designing.  Whether it's birthday cards, party favors, or a deck.  When I actually MEET Martha, that will be my moment :)

What's your favorite radio station/channel outside of MSLR?

Since we're SiriusXM's "how-to" channel, what do you hope to teach listeners?
My goal is to teach listeners that whatever it is they want to do around the home - they can do it!  Whether it's painting, building, or just hanging a picture.  I want to share my passion with the home.  I want to teach, step-by-step, the methods I have learned through the years.  But I also want to LEARN from the listeners, their tips and techniques.  I want to learn how to COOK too.  I can build you a kitchen with my eyes closed but I can't boil water for the life of me.

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  • Hooray, Brian! The only time I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, the foreman looked at my work at the end of the day and REDID EVERY SINGLE THING in 10 minutes. Looking forward to tuning in and facing my fear of hammers, nails, saws, wrenches, drills, and other sharp and shiny objects. Welcome!

  • Brian, you sound perfect for the show. You are a renaissance man whose varied interests will appeal to every segment of the audience. I can see this hunky guy on TV with his own show on HGTV.
    I look forward to following your rising star and say I knew you when.


  • Brian, I am so so so happy for you!! I can't wait to listen, and one of these days we will open our shop across from the beach, if you aren't a big celebrity and forget about me!


  • I don't know you, however after reading this I appreciate your intellect, sense of humor, quick thinking I know you will get what you want. My husband was a D.J. in the early 60's, went into TV as an announcer then found out the money was in Engineering. It was also his love of work. You remind me of an early Lee my husband. Thank you for reading my comment. Can I borrow a cup of sugar?

  • Brian, I've been listening to you on the show and I think you are great with Betsy! I look forward to more of "Brian's perspective." Maybe one of these days Betsy will get you to like a fruit based dessert!

  • Thank you all SO much, it means the WORLD to me!

  • I'm so happy that Brian has joined Morning Living, he adds a fresh perspective to the show and it's encouraging to hear commentary on the cooking segments from someone who isn't as Martha as everyone else on Martha! He's inspiring and funny and brings a wealth of knowledge. Please keep it up!

  • Love your show. Could you tell me the name of your guest today...Spike Carlson??? Talked about a wood working book. What was the title? Sounded very interesting. Thanks, Lynn

  • WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for places to go in the
    us in october

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