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"Morning Living" Throws a Barbecue

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For the "Morning Living" BBQ, we got inspired by Michael Schwartz from Michael's Genuine Food and Drink. He visited our show and came with a lamb recipe that rocked. Here are the results from my grill to yours. I took the liberty of asking the butcher to butterfly the leg of lamb, then it sat in yogurt, garlic, rosemary, etc. overnight. The recipe is in Michael's book, "Michael's Genuine Food," as is the one for the farro salad and salsa verde. Producer Jon's wife brought the Asian salad. The mayo-free potato salad is dressed with a dijon vinaigrette. Eat well!

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Asian slaw

1 Asian slaw

Grilled lamb

2 Grilled lamb

Potato salad

3 Potato salad

Farro salad

4 Farro salad

Salsa verde

5 Salsa verde

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  • where is the recipe for the Asian Slaw ?

  • Here's the recipe:

    Jon modified a little and substituted sesame oil for vegetable oil. He also left out the limes. Hope you enjoy!

  • I was listening to the show on Wednesday morning, and there was a segment on gutters. I was hoping to get more info about cleaning gutters on our house here in NH. It would be helpful if we could get the info on how to clean them without a ladder.



  • I was listening to the show about a week a go, and there was a segment on food cook jobs. The book author was mentioning about different ways to look forward for jobs in the cooking world. I was hoping to get more information about finding ways to do my own catering service here in Los Angeles.
    I am self trained cook and have lots of followings. But all my followings take me as fun and very entertaining cook..I'm trying to make my passion to a serious and reality level.. Can you help me achieve that?
    Thank you-

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