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Ryan's Flea Market Finds: Windows into Mirrors

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I am a fanatic for re-doing things I find at flea markets! Recently, I've refinished a vintage warehouse cart, a dove-tail military storage box, and have taken on a few more simple projects like pairing lamps with shades.

As I walked through Brooklyn Flea on Sunday in Williamsburg, NY, I passed each vendor with a feeling of anticipation and glee. After my entire market walk (I always scope first, buy second), I came to my pals Kimberlee and Spencer from Interior Bliss Designs. They are one of my few go-to's that I know will always have brilliant finds.

I foraged through, and came across a sash window set out of a 200-plus-year-old New Jersey house, laced with brass hardware and tons of gorgeous aging. The only thing that was missing was the actual glass. Fortunately Spencer had some extra 1/4-inch-thick vintage mirror from an old bar in Pennsylvania. Perfection!

Spencer and I took the windows to his warehouse and removed the old glazing putty and metal points which held the glass in place. Then we routed a groove, so that the glass would safely sit inside of the frame, securing the glass with metal framers points. I have to be honest, most of that was done by Spencer, but man did I learn a thing or two about restoration.

Each window weighs approximately 15-20 pounds, so Spencer recommended a 30 pound "ook hook" (or you can find a stud and drill 2 1/2 inches into it). Once mirrors and picture frames weigh over 10 -14 pounds, metal wire with D hooks is a good way to evenly distribute the weight so that the frame is not stressed in one point. We slapped on a couple of those and we were good to go.

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  • I love Ryan and I LOVE his show! This is a great looking pair of mirrors

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