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Taste-Test Mayo

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The mayos to be tasted

1 The mayos to be tasted

Hellman's Light

2 Hellman's Light


3 Nayonaise

Smart Balance

4 Smart Balance


5 Hellman's


6 Duke's

The tasting sheets

7 The tasting sheets

Blind taste tests, where you haven't a clue of what brand of something you're trying, are both fun and ultimately, informative. Whether we're trying chocolate chips, BBQ sauce, different vinegars, or yogurt, we always learn something. Today we tasted five variations of mayo, a condiment we're all  familiar with and one which elicits many strong opinions. Depending upon what part of the country you hail from, chances are you've got  a regional favorite. From light to full-fat and some in between, there are many different choices on the market.  Of the five we tried, two were light, two were full-fat, and the final one -- the ringer -- a soy mayo.

Steve Gonzalez, our engineer, and Monty, producer, were the official tasters. They pretty much agreed across the board about the mayos. In the light category, Hellman's won hands down. The mayo was declared thick, rich, and perfect for potato salads and macaroni salads. Coming in at 35 calories and 3.5 grams of fat per tablespoon, it's not a bad choice. Smart Balance came in next but wasn't really a favorite. We all agreed that Nayonaise, an egg-free soy-based mayo, could easily be passed on. In the full-fat category, Hellman's won again, but I'm sticking with Dukes, my own personal favorite.

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  • I'm Cheering that Hellman's won, all i've used my whole life(56yrs). BUT! after seeing a FB site for DUKE'S & all the positive comment's thought i was missing something , so, decided (foolishly) to place an order & thinking might as well have extra had 6 of mayo, 6 salad dressing 6 of tarter & 6 sandwich spread. I did the taste test 1st Duke's n then Hellman's, Hellman's was so much better, duke's(mayo) is too salty. did not even like the salad dressing. wrote many time's for return on some of the order & would not reply. so, decided i am stuck w/ trying to use it in way's i wont notice taste as much. wrote & said i would do this & Ha!, received a reply. will never do this again..

  • Hi Sandy, What an interesting blog post! I have always loved Best Foods Real Mayonnaise (Hellman's) and use it all the time. Never heard of Dukes. I also love Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing to use for carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc. I bought some Johnny's Country Ranch Dressing & Dip the other day and it is much stronger than the Hidden Valley kind so I mixed some Johnny's with Best Foods Mayo and it tasted much better! It was almost as good as the Hidden Valley kind! Thanks so much for sharing! I love listening to your Sirius Radio 110 Everyday Food program almost every day! Jan

  • Here in the South we LOVE Duke's!

  • I agree..only Duke's !

  • I'm from the South but I am a big Hellmanns fan.
    It must be whatever you grow up with.

  • Having heard sandy rave about dukes, I went to fresh market and bought it. My husband and I are sold. It's fabulous. Now if only I could get them to carry the light version.

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