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At Work, Dreaming of Vacation? Stay Adventurous with Maggie Mistal

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Maggie Mistal, host of Making a Living knows there are times when you're sitting at your desk and dreaming of vacation, instead of doing your work.  If you're looking to make the most of your upcoming time off, check out these ideas courtesy of Craig Zabransky, Creator of Stay Adventurous.   

"Travel enables us all to leave our daily lives and witness a different place and  a different routine. We often become a little more adventurous in our choices. We try different foods, enjoy different activities, and experience a different reality.

At Stay Adventurous, I photograph and write about these moments, to encourage you to take and make more of them in your life. We all have different schedules, but the need to unplug, to relax and recharge is universal. When Maggie asked me on the show to discuss destinations, I came up with a fall list for a weekend, week, a two week plus trip and wanted to let you know where I am heading.

Unplug for a Weekend

Hocking Hills, OH. Spend your time viewing the wonder of the fall foliage in the foothills of Appalachia in Ohio. The unique micro climate caused by glacier runoff and a known energy vortex provide a perfect opportunity to unplug. Cell phones and GPS sometimes don't even work here.

Joshua Tree, CA. This vast emptiness of the desert is the perfect place to unplug.  For me, it offered a reminder on how and why to experience a day with all five senses. And with the National Park open all year, hikes through the scenic mountain passes and incredible flora can recharge those batteries.

South Beach, Miami. Sometimes to unplug translates blowing off some steam. For that, I recommend a visit to the sizzle of South Beach. Dance to the latin beat, see and be seen, and continue to stay warm as winter approaches on the beaches of Miami.

Unplug for a Week

In Autumn, grab your passport and head to Mexico for a week. Mexico is a country with destinations available and affordable for every season.

Riviera Maya, Mexico. The destination offers everything from bungalows and boutique hotels to luxury award winning resorts. And to truly unplug, I recommend a visit to the Mayan Ruins coupled with a dip in the refreshing cenotes.

Puerto Vallarta. The romance and sunsets of Puerto Vallarta make for a wonderful Mexican excursion. But you can also find adventurous activities in the mountains, jungles, and on the Bay.

Unplug for Two Weeks Plus

South Africa. As the States heads toward winter, South Africa heads toward summer. The spring flowers are incredible in this part of the world, not to mention Cape Town, the history of Nelson Mandela, and life changing safari drives. Plus you can fly to other close places such as Namibia or Victoria Falls.

Thailand. As South Africa makes a great first trip to Africa, Thailand makes a great entry point to Asia. Come to a place known as the land of smiles, and you'll find a hospitable culture and a tourist trail. Yet, will also have options to take the road less traveled and see the world from a non-Western philosophy.

 Where I am heading this season?

College Station, Texas. For my weekend unplug, I am off to a college football game with friends. Every year a new campus is selected through a voting process and this year  we selected the Aggies of Texas A&M.

Mazatlan, Mexico. I return to the 'pearl of the pacific' each year and always look forward to sun, surf, and seafood coupled with the charm of the city's old town. At the same latitude as Hawaii I enjoy the nature, adventure, history, culture, and loads of shrimp of this less touristy Mexican destination.

Stay adventurous,


Craig is freelance travel photographer, writer and the the owner / content creator for

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