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A New Year, an Extra Hour of Morning Living

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Today was our first day broadcasting from 7 - 11 AM Eastern and among the many great things we discussed on the air, off the air we decided that in light of adding an extra hour of "Morning Living," we'd need extra coffee - hence, adding a coffee machine to the air studio. Big news? For the hours Betsy, myself and Jon operate? Yes!

Technology and some great apps were on the show from Techlicious, and great recipes, including this dish below from Chef Chris Rendell of Mary Queen Scots in New York City:

Grilled Lamb Chop with mushy peas, rosemary jus.

4 lamb chops
Drizzle olive oil
1 bunch rosemary


  1. Remove lamb from refrigerator 20 or so minute before cooking to allow the meat to loosen.
  2. Pre-heat grill or griddle pan to med over a med heat.
  3. Lightly dip the rosemary into a small amount of olive oil and then brush the lamb, season with salt and pepper.
  4. Place the lamb on the hot grill only turning it once. It should take approx 4-6 minutes either side (If you grill is too hot it will cause the lamb the burn).
  5. Remove from the grill; allow rest for 8-10 minutes.


The great thing about this dish is that you can actually use most cuts or lamb, from rack, Chump to even tenderloin. I prefer the Chop as it has a great fat content and hold up to a med heat on the grill and give it a great char and smoky flavor. Ideally you want the lamb to be served medium rare.

Serve with mushy peas (or mushy pea fritter) and rosemary jus, perfect with a side of crispy rosemary garlic potatoes and a simple baby gem salad.

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  • Help!!!!
    Where is sandy Gluck ????
    Please inform

    My reason for sirius radio


  • What has happened to Sandy Gluck and Terry Terspicio??? What has happened to the regular broadcasting?? Are you going to get rid of MSLR soon???

  • What's going on with the line-up? Where's Sandi Gluck? Every time I'm in the car it seems it's a repeat of the morning. Please fill us in on the new schedule!

  • where is Sandy!! I think her show was the very best and the most informative one

  • What's up with the programming changes?!! I keep hoping that my favorite shows will come back, but so far all I'm getting is reruns of Morning Living! I'm getting ready to cancel my SiriusXM account! What's up?

  • Finally got a response that your programming will no longer include "Whole Living", "Everyday Food" and "Living Today". While MSLR slowly overhauls programming, listeners are beginning to tune into other least give us a clue of what's coming (and going!). How "unMartha-like" to have such disregard for your listeners...

  • Carol, Shana, and Kristi-Everyday Food, Morning Living, and Living Today were all cancelled by MSLR.

  • What's going on with the morning shows. All repeats
    all morning and noon. What happened to Sandy Gluck and Terry Terspicio. The only station I listen to on Sirius. Is there a new time to listen for Terry and Sandy. Please let us know.

  • Hopefully today will be the last day of the "Groundhog Day" effect - hearing the same show over and over and over, ad nauseam! Please bring back Sandy Gluck and Terri Trespicio.

  • Ditto for me, what are you doing with the station? Love Betsy & Brian, but also loved Sandy, etc....Very unprofessional of the station, leaving your listeners in the dark. Martha, WHERE R YOU?!!

  • I loved Everday Food and Sandy. Everytime I turn on Martha it's a repeat of Morning Living. I am so disappointed in the new line-up. I've stopped listening to MSLR.

  • Martha's known for saying "It's a good think", well in my opinion her radio schedule is far from a good thing. I'm so sick of the repeats, especially Ask Martha. Bring back Everyday Food and Living Today please.

  • I love Betsy and Brian and I listen every morning. But when I turn on the radio at lunch time I hear a repeat of everything I've already heard - 8 hours straight is just too much! I miss Living Today (although since Mario left, I'm not sure what it had become) Whole Living and Everyday Food. MSLR just does not have the wonderful variety it once did. And where are the other fun tidbits like word of the week and the Naturalist's Datebook? Sorry, but it's become boring and repetitive, and I'm tuning in less and less.

  • While I enjoy listening to Betsy and Brian, I miss Every Day Food and Whole Living. I hope plans are in the works to bring theses shows back.

  • I also miss the naturalist date book and word of the day. What's going on?

  • Lots of questions here, but no answers. Disappointing.

  • I miss the wisdom and depth of knowledge Sandy Gluck brought to the show. What happened to the format? I do not want to hear Betsy and Brian all day. Why would you get rid of "a good thing?" I purchased SiriusXM because I got hooked to Martha Stewart during my free trial period. This is not what I paid for!!!!!!!!!

  • Bring back Sandy Gluck - won't listen to that station anymore unless you do. What is going on. I expect so much more from Martha.

  • I really miss Everyday Food with Sandy
    Gluck. the show was very informative and entertaining. Your current programming is a disaster with repeat after repeat. I no longer listen to the channel.

  • I ditto the comments on missing Sandy Gluck and Everday Food as well as the Naturalist datebook. I'm tuning out until they return.

  • I miss Sandy Gluck! Too much of Betsy and Brian chatter,not enough substance. Especially when it's repeated a few hours later! LOVE the new guest chef segments.Sorry,but I'been turning off the channel and I don't want to!

  • agree with all above comments.I really miss sandy gluck and am thinking of cancelling my sirius account as well>

  • I agree with most all of these comments ... way too much Betsy and Brian, all repetitive, and I miss Sandy Gluck.

  • MSLR was the only reason I renewed my Sirius subscription but this will likely be the last time. Clearly the radio component of MS Enterprises is not bringing in enough money for the investment so they are cutting their losses. Love listening to Betsy and Brian in the morning, but HATE to be subjected to the same programming all day long when I'm on the road. I wouldn't give two cents for most of the rest of the programs. And given all the comments here on this comment board, I see I'm not alone but we'll get no response from the powers that be. Sad, sad, sad.

  • I also only listen to MSLR, and find it disappointing that the Betsy & Brian show is repeated throughout the day, on the weekend, etc. Sirus is an expensive subscription and it would be great to get our money's worth! I miss Sandy Gluck also! I also don't think that the pet shows need to be on 5 week night evenings/wk. Please support your listeners. Thank you.

  • Ditto the above. I miss Everyday Food so much. I have stopped listening as Betsy and Brian bore me.

    I always learned something new from Sandy Gluck and she felt like my "friend in the kitchen".

  • Such a disappointment; used to be such a great station, it has been destroyed; Betsey and Brian are good but NOT ALL DAY
    Bait and switch!!!

  • I hope someone is reading these comments. Is MSLR going away bc that is how I see it. You have a fan base who are loyal to your brand and want to learn. Betsy and Brian =BORING. Your listeners are not! Know your demographic and have some fun with us!!

  • I love Betsy and Brian but I subscribed to XM in my home because of Sandy Gluck. Please bring her back. She inspired me everyday!!! How could you let her go just to repeat Morning Living over and over? It's a great show but why loose Sandy? I liked Terri also..

  • I miss Sandy Gluck! Why would you cancel her show only to replace it with reruns of people gabbing? Sorry Brian and Betsy, but once a day is enough. Sandy has a wealth of practical cooking knowledge to share while making me feel like I'm sitting at her kitchen counter with a cup of tea. I loved hearing about her family's food traditions and her segment for using leftovers. Please bring her back. The holiday season won't be the same without her.

  • I purchased Sirius Radio because I just loved Everyday food with Sandy Gluck. I have been searching why she is not on anymore. (how odd there has been no explination!) I have gotten use to Betsy and Brian and they are ok, but would love to again listen to Sandy's show. Also the repeats are awful, I seem to get into the car when the same part of the show is on so it is just does not make sense to continue to listen to this station. If this continues I will cancel when renewal time comes. around this year.

  • I have had all I can stand, repeats, repeats. It sounds like preschool most of the time. I will not be renewing when the time comes to do so. I really don't want to know about everyone's birthdays all month or all of the other trivia. I also miss Sandy And whole Living. It was the basics of the MS brand.

  • What happened to Sandy Gluck? Can I follow her somewhere else. Leave it to Martha Stewart to leave people in the lurch....what, is she back in prison? Come on.....1 hour of Betsy and Brian is enough....give us a break and bring back some decent programming. Sandy was THE BEST. What a mistake you made.

  • I heard Sandy Gluck the other day say she was going to be on 8:00 a.m. Pacific time and I got so excited, but I have not heard or seen her since. Brian and Betsy are alright, but their inane chatter is not very interesting, they can't think of things to talk about for that many hours! Bring back Sandy! And the Groundhog Day effect of hearing the same gardening show about orchids!!! Are you kidding me? Do you really think we will listen to the same two shows over, and over, and over again? OMG! Wake up, people!

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