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Sandy's Favorite Cookbooks of 2011

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What a year for cookbooks! I had a hard time settling on just 10, but the following, in no particular order are my choices for this year.

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  1. “A New Turn In The South,” by Hugh Acheson
    This is new Southern food at its finest. Regional favorites like country ham, sparkle when paired with chilied mango. And while I do love shrimp and grits, scallops served with collards and crisp grit discs just might be a new contender.
  2. “Cook This Now,” by Melissa Clark
    If you want to add a little pizzazz to your meals without going too far out into left field, this is the book for you. Clark has a way of taking the ordinary; giving it a little tweak and making it into something you want to eat again, and again.
  3. “Cook Without a Book: Meatless Meals,” by Pam Anderson
    You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy these recipes. Designed to empower the cook, there are master formulas with options for add-ins and flavor variations turning one recipe into so much more. I guarantee you won't miss the meat.
  4. “Homemade,” by Yvette Van Boven
    The title says it all; this is the perfect DIY book, chock full of recipes for making cheese, jams, ice creams, and all manner of homemade dishes; both sweet and savory. All of this, plus easy to follow directions and fun illustrations.
  5. “The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook,” by Diane Phillips
    It’s no secret that I’m in love with my pressure cooker. Who wouldn’t be when it takes about 15 minutes to make a creamy risotto. And thanks to Phillips, I’m now cooking pasta, along with its sauce in the cooker. One pot to clean and dinner in 15 minutes-works for me!
  6. “The Fearless Baker,” by Emily Luchetti and Lisa Weiss
    This takes the novice into the kitchen, literally, as Luchetti bakes alongside students instructing them on the hows and why’s along the way. For novices and old hands alike-try the ginger cookies, or pecan sandies and you’ll see why.
  7. The Food52 Cookbook: 140 Winning Recipes From Exceptional Home Cooks,” by Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs
    This interesting mix of recipes comes from home cooks/avid readers and users of the food52 website. This is truly a community cookbook. Hesser, Stubbs, and a group of others tested the recipes to make sure they worked, the community voted and here they are in a beautiful, thoughtful book.
  8. “The Glorious Pasta of Italy,” by Domenica Marchetti
    This pick is like strolling down the streets of so many Italian cities sampling the best pasta dish each has to offer. Fresh or dried, tossed with any number of sauces; this is truly an ode to pasta in all of its wonderful guises.
  9. The Homesick Texan,” by Lisa Fain
    A cookbook that will have you wanting to hop in the car to take a road trip for some great Lone Star cuisine. Short of that, pick up the book and you’ll find recipes for all sorts of favorites, including smoky corn chowder and Fain’s grandma’s chocolate pie.
  10. Mourad “New Moroccan,” by Mourad Lahlou is inspirational.
    And while it is a chef’s book, the recipes are approachable, the descriptions are mouth-watering, and for the most part, the ingredients are readily available. Several of the dishes in the book, including a vibrant hot and sweet sauce called harissa made their way to my Thanksgiving table.

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  • I feel like I can smell and feel the pages of that beautiful cookbook. There

    are so many wonderful recipes online but nothing beats cracking the pages of a

    beloved book to cook from. What a beautiful experience. You couldn’t be any

    more adorable in that apron!

  • You had a wonderful interview with 2 sisters that have a restaurant in Boston. What is the name? Can't wait to try gluten free pasta!!!!

  • where is sandy these days. I love betsy and brian but their shows are repeaated ad nauseum. Miss Sandy Gluck and Chris, who was hosting at 1:00 est. What is the story?

  • I agree with Kathleen. What is going on with Martha Stewart radio? The continuous repeats are awful. And I miss Sandy Gluck!

  • The elimination of Sandy Gluck's show is a BIG mistake. The guests she had were refreshing and smart about their cooking speciality. Sandy is a gracious and gentle host with lots to share. Her replacements, especially Brian Kelsey, are akin to watching a dull shade of Martha Stewart paint dry. I quickly grew tired of him chortling about what he doesn't know. Is this what MSL is supossed to be about? And by the way, isn't it about time to update the radio listings?

  • I miss Sandy as well, there really isn't anyone who is a better "friend in the kitchen". I'm not sure what is going on with the radio station, but I am very tempted to cancel my Sirius subscription all together. Betsy and Brian are great, but I am a true foodie at heart and Sandy was a real kindred spirit! :(

  • Sandy is definitely missed, there really isn't anyone who is a better "friend in the kitchen". I'm not sure what is going on with the radio station, but I am very tempted to cancel my Sirius subscription all together. Betsy and Brian are great, but I am a true foodie at heart and Sandy was a real kindred spirit! :(

  • When my Sirius radio comes up for renewal in March, I will not renew because of the elimination of Sandy Gluck. I am in the car daily from the start to the finish of her show and I listened to her exclusively. She WAS my Sirius radio.

  • I miss Sandy Gluck! The Living Today show is on all the time and it's monotonous. Will not renew.

  • What's going on with all the repeats. I loved the all the other shows. It's a little boring listening to all the repeats with Brian and Betsy. There show is good but not 3 times a day. Where's Kevin and Sandy?

  • I only logged on to this to see if I could find out what happened to Sandy Gluck. I agree with the other readers in that she is the only reason that I subscribe to Sirius. She was so good - always on her toes as to subject, interaction with callers, recipes. What is going on? Rest of the shows are not nearly as good - even when not obvious reruns..

  • I SO MISS SANDY GLUCK. Her calm voice, kind demeanor, engaging personality and wonderful recipes and guests were how I made it through many a morning! I am an attorney and I would catch her show driving to and from different courts and she ALWAYS made me feel better about my day. The other guests are fine but they are not Sandy. What is the problem over there? You keep silly hosts who yap about silly things (fashion week and who or what's in or out; I can watch mindless cable television for that stuff), yet get rid of Sandy? I really can't imagine your reasoning. I guess her ratings were low? I can only imagine, given what I feel are her very impressive talents, that if her ratings were low, it was more a matter of marketing and scheduling and not her. PLEASE BRING HER BACK. I don't even listen to Martha Stewart radio any longer. She was having a "halo" effect for me. I would listen to the shows before and after hers because of HER. BRING HER BACK! BRING HER BACK! BRING HER BACK!

    Count me disappointed.

  • I too miss Sandy. She was always interesting and informative. I like Betsy and Brian but am frustrated with all the repeats. A lot of loyal listeners would like to know what the heck is going on! Those of us who used to tune in all day are starting to tune out completely rather than listen to repeats all the time!

  • All I ever hear is REPEATS! How boring! There is only a certain amount of Betey and Brian I can take.

  • If the decision makers at MSR have enforced this new schedule
    because they think it is cost cutting they are wrong.
    This is self destruction. Continue like this and there will be no more MSR.
    Please bring back Sandy Gluck.
    Please bring back intelligent radio.
    Repeats do not hold a audience.
    They also reflect poorly on MSOmnimedia.
    We are not a chit chat audience.
    We like food, information, education, ideas and a laugh.
    Simple enough?

  • Sandy Gluck was the BEST! Please bring her back.
    I hardly tune in anymore.

    Her kind radio demeanor was like listening to a good friend or favorite aunt.

    PLease bring her back.

  • My hour-long commute has been miserable since the programming at MSR has been curtailed to repeat broadcasts. I subscribed to XM 3 years ago specifically for the content during the morning and evening drive-time. I adapted to the changes last year, but now, it is excruciatingly evident that something is amiss! Considering cancellation of my XM account when it is up for renewal.

  • I quit listening to MSR when Sandy disappeared and no explanation was given. The programming became dismal-hrs of Brian and Betsy and random programs. I eliminated it from my preferred stations. Whatever was going on took it's toll because there is no MSR, just one program on Stars. I read MSOmni Media was in trouble-is this another symptom?

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