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Sights and Smells

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I have to say, I smell great right now. Why? Because this morning on "Morning Living" we had the most odor-centric show.

It began with an aromatic overload of greatness from the spices brought by Emily Peterson – Culinary Instructor and Founder of the Blog “The Gourmand and the Peasant.” Later, we had the most amazing french toast from Bradley Anderson – Executive Chef of DUO Restaurant and Lounge in New York City. In between we mixed perfumes with Sue Phillips – President of Scenterprises.

Sue gave us some great tips when creating custom perfumes:

  1. Determine your lifestyle – are you outdoorsy, casual, or sophisticated? Sue explained it's important to know one’s lifestyle in order to determine the fragrance category they like.
  2. Our Strongest sense is our Sense of Smell – but it’s the most ignored – so it’s important to smell often and ‘train’ your nose.
  3. The four MAIN categories are Fresh, Floral, Woodsy and Oriental – know which categories you like so that you can find scents that you like.
  4. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas – so many people say they think Florals are old fashioned – but if you have an open mind, explore them!
  5. Don’t buy a fragrance because it smells great on your friend – try it first on you. All fragrances react differently because of one’s own body chemistry.
  6. There is nothing nicer than having the opportunity to reflect one’s own individuality and personality by having your OWN fragrance! Today there are fairly reasonable ways in which to create your own perfume that don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. Design Your Own Kits available for $85
  7. Don’t just spritz perfume at the nape of your neck – apply it from the bottom up! Fragrance rises, and the body heat warms it up. So apply it at the pulse points – at the ankles, behind the knees, inbetween the thighs, at the bosom, the wrist and the nape of the neck- the more it warms up the more the fragrance diffuses and it ‘envelops’ you!
  8. Store fragrance in a cool place

Along with the perfumes, she brought the foundations, very interesting...see below:

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