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Krazy for Kale

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Wondering what goes into Besty's morning kale salad?

"Krazy for Kale Salad"

1 small head or 2 big handfuls of chopped kale (julienned or finely shredded)
1 ounce feta (chunks or shaved)*can substitute with ricotta salata
shallow handful craisins
1/2 a bell pepper chopped
3 inch chunk of seedless cucumber, quartered lengthwise and chopped
zest and juice from 1/2 lemon
1 tablespoon of oil (tops!)
salt & pepper to taste

Toss it all together and give it a few minutes to a few hours for the flavors to meld. Unbelievably good! It also travels well.

Note: toasted almonds, pine nuts or hazelnuts can replace the cheese.

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  • Can I please get the Bloody Mary recipe and the bloody Marie recipe.
    Also there was a wonderful bean recipe dicusssed with the "hot tamales" may I have that recipe as well.

  • I love this salad! I made it for breakfast this morning. My husband enjoyed it too.

  • I love your show and listen as often as possible. I, too, would like the recipes from Susan and Mary Sue's
    visit last Thursday ( I think that was the day ). Their restaurant in Las Vegas is one of my favorites.

    If possible, I would also appreciate today's (Monday) recipes from your guests.

    Many thanks.

  • Please post the sesame chicken receipe, Betsey

  • i keep trying to get recipes from your show. I am interested in the arctic char and ron ben isreal's cake recipe from Friday, Feb. 10 thanks

  • I love eating savory lunch and dinner food for breakfast. My favorite is going to the diner for breakfast and getting a burger or a rueben!!!! YUMMY

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