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The Philadelphia International Flower Show

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In my world we call it a spectacular, spectacular. The Philadelphia International Flower Show's annual celebration of the outdoor world has something for everyone.

Grand displays showcase a theme (Hawaii this year!). Other displays offer inspiration closer to home. It's a combination of inspiration and hands on advice, with enough eye candy to entertain enthusiasts from all over the world.

Don't think about it, just go if you're anywhere near Philly! Here are a few pictures to tempt you - remember the backyard pools and lagoons are actually built inside the convention center for this one week event!

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Electronic Waves with Orchids

1 Electronic Waves with Orchids

Best Backyard

2 Best Backyard

Beach and Lagoon

3 Beach and Lagoon

Front Porch Design

4 Front Porch Design

Springtime Display

5 Springtime Display

Now That's a Water Feature!

6 Now That's a Water Feature!

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  • This is not about the flower show, but could not figure out how to send this otherwise. Heard your segment on heteronyms (and homonyms sort of) and wanted to know if u have seen the books by Spencer Quinn -- the Chet and Bernie series. If u have not, the stories are told through the eyes of the dog-- and his understanding of words is limited, so he is often confused by heteronyms. Also pretty safe reading for maybe 12 and older. Do not know the man, not trying to promote. Just thought it coincidental. Marlenr

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